Chapter 36

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Sorry I haven't updated in ages I've been busy and been in hospital for a bit but I'm finally back and updating. Enjoy.

A gasp woke me up as I laid in something comfy. I gasped for air as .It felt I hadn't breathed in years. What the hell had happened. Then it came flooding back. Luke that bastard. I banged on the copboard that sat next to me in the quiet room. I jumped to my feet storming towards the door before pulling it so hard it came off the hinges. "Where Is He!" I screamed through the building. I ran downstairs in a newly discovered speed. Harry casually walked in looking tired "What the. Bailey. Your Dead" he stutted slowly. "Clearly not " I answered back. Where the hell is Luke I thought to myself. Wait till I get my hands on him. I ran out of the door I could sense Luke somewhere. I ran to a house on the opposite side of town banging through the door before storming in. I saw Luke Callum Ashton and Michael sat around the TV. I grabbed Luke my the throat before throwing him across the room using my magic that has gained strength. "My turn bitch." I whispered smirking. I grabbed him by his throat pushing him into the wall. I used my magic to make his breathing stop he struggled as I pushed onto his neck hearing a satisfying crack. He dropped to the floor struggling to heal.
I snapped the leg from the chair before lifting it above Luke's chest. "I loved Niall, Luke you tried ruining thag" I shouted. I counted to three before I went to push the stake through his heart. Louis said I shouldn't hesitate to kill a vampire but this is Luke a boy I had once trusted.

But suddenly, he grabbed hold of me flipping me over so I was underneath him. His fangs grew before he sunk them into my neck. I screamed and screamed. Before I grabbed hold of the stake stabbing him in the back. He groaned falling off me. I grabbed the stake from his back before throwing it at him aiming for his heart.

Before it had chance to plunge through his cold heart I felt arms wrap around me. A familiar smell filled my nose. Niall. I fell to the floor crying grabbing hold of my neck that leaked blood. Lukes cursed now he drank my blood without permission. I turned looking up at Niall." I've missed you Ni" I shoved my head in his chest. "I've missed you Bailey" he whispered. "Bailey! Where are you?" Louis screamed. I looked up shocked. "Lou i- I died " I started. He stopped me. " I know but your back now. You should of told me you magics changing you need to learn to control it" he explained. I sighed looking at Luke. "Your lucky he stopped me " I said in disgust before lifting the curse he got up quickly before running towards me. I through him away using my magic. "Don't you dare your lucky I lifted the curse you dick" I screamed. I walked out alone.

I roamed the streets for a while trying to think. I had dies but come back I have vampire powers such as super strength and super speed but I am still human. The only this is I am protected now as vampires can't hesr my heart so they think I'm just as dead as they are. I'm hoping to turn my life around again now. I'm starting over new friends Emily has now gone and won't be coming back long story I'm sure well come back to that one day. And hopefully Sam will be allowed to come back because wolves really aren't that bad. After a long time of thinking and hoping I walked into my house. I walked forward buy I was suddenly grabbed from behind. I spun around throwing the vampire to the floor. I lifted up my stake before I noticed it was niall. I slowly dropped the stake hugging niall closely to me. "I love you" he said into my neck . " I love you Niall I really do" I whispered before he leant in and kissed me his lips were beautiful and soft and made me forget about my problems. Finally this moment of peace was happening but I stopped when we heard a cough come from the side of us.

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