Chapter 37

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I turned quickly. Louis stood their with an unimpressed look, "well sis that's not what I was hoping to see". Niall chuckled as my face flushed red. "Sorry Lou I just haven't been able to kiss him in a while" I said truthfully. "Back to the house you need rest." He ordered per usual. I nodded in agreement, Niall grabbed my hand and we ran to house using my new found speed, which may I say I'm liking a lot.
We got back to the house and I decided to chill in my room with Niall we were half way through Cuban fury and he turned to me " I'm going to go and hunt I shouldn't be long" he said but I didn't believe it. I nodded and smiled though. He kissed em and got up walking through my door.
I finished the film after he had left and my belly growled it must be feeding time for me. I dragged myself out of my room and down the corridor, as I walked past the Library I saw all the boys stood talking and they looked serious. I tried to listen in " Her magic is going to grow, she'll become unsafe if she doesn't train to control it she could kill herself if she doesn't realise her magic safely" I gasped in shock. It's one thing after another. It seems I'm going to die all the time these days. I heard them move towards the door I ran downstairs quickly and into the sitting room throwing my self on the sofa. I was mad. HOW COULD THEY. After everything I've been through their still hiding things from me. My brother. My boyfriend. Both of them. My anger started to boil uncontrollably and the lights started to flicker on and off. I was concentrated on one spot in the room my anger consuming that spot in the room. I new the lights were me but I couldn't stop it. I felt some grab me but electrify shot through me and threw them across the room. "BAILEY STOP" I heard harry shout. "Control it don't let it control you!" Liam screamed. I heard their muffled shouts and closed my eyes. I tried to concentrate and stop it. I wanted and needed to stop it. Blood started to fly out of my nose. The lights stopped and I took a big gasp of air before dropping into a deep sleep.
*1 hour later*
I woke up for once I felt wide awake I jumped up showering and dressing quickly the house was very quite. I walked downstairs to find the boys sat together in the sitting room. I walked in feeling powerful. "Right, I don't want to talk about last night." I turn e and stared at Liam and pointed. " and you are training me to control whatever I have starting right now"

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