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𝐝𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐲'𝐬 𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐥 ✰ 𝐥.𝐫.𝐡. by glitter-afi
𝐝𝐚𝐝𝐝𝐲'𝐬 𝐝𝐞𝐚𝐥 ✰ 𝐥.𝐫.𝐡.by - ̗̀ Mads ̖́-
"I give it a week." "A week for what?" "Until you call me daddy."
yes, sir ; luke hemmings by ewirwin
yes, sir ; luke hemmingsby mrs clifford
"did you send this boy nudes, natalie?" "yes, sir." © - ewirwin 2015-2016
Calum Hood Imagines  by gayforddlovato
Calum Hood Imagines by Kaylee♡
Imagines with Calum Hood ✨ My other 5sos books are currently on hold but I've returned to this book and requests are OPEN! Message me for any you might have 💗 Highest...
5SOS Imagines by lukescute
5SOS Imaginesby lukescute
Five Seconds of Summer Preferences/Imagines from Tumblr
On The Run ~Criminal Harry Styles~ by DoubleEmA
On The Run ~Criminal Harry Styles~by 1D is lyfe
"How long have you been in here?! How much have you heard?!" He yelled as his eyes turned black. "I-I didn't hear anything I swear! I just came to get my...
like nobody's watching | cake by copacetiic
like nobody's watching | cakeby *:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*
in which luke likes to walk around his apartment in just his panties and calum can't help but watch. - - - - - cross dresser!luke bottom!luke top!cal - - - - - WARNINGS:...
in which, Alissa gets heart broken by the guy she thought she'd love forever
roses // harry styles by jumxnji
roses // harry stylesby 𝓷𝓸𝓿𝓪
Cassandra, well rather Cass, Carmichael is only focused on one thing: getting through college and on with life. Her life as a college student in New York is already more...
luke hemmings smut by irresponsibleirwin
luke hemmings smutby em
→ not mine → credit & summary will be included each chapter → adding new smut just about everyday → if your work is here, i will delete any chapter upon request & you ha...
She's The Man [5SOS] by BritishBums
She's The Man [5SOS]by mia s.
"Julie, truth or dare?" That was the question that started it all, really. I was dared to dress, act, and nearly BE a boy for a month, me getting cash out o...
Sydney - Luke Hemmings (completed) by alltimeloser_xo
Sydney - Luke Hemmings (completed)by K💜
It was one night that decided their entire future without them even realising it. • "But where is he?" "He's away saving lives babygirl,"
Maniac » calm ot4 by crazedcliffo
Maniac » calm ot4by crazedcliffo
Where Michael thought that he was genuinely going crazy, but three certain murderers just wanted him to feel that way. Luke, Ashton, and Calum always had each other as t...
It Was Always You// Calum Hood by walking_on_rivers
It Was Always You// Calum Hoodby Rivers
"Me?" I replied feeling his hand trail against mine, "I'm just a girl in a city drinking with friends and open to being swept off her feet." "P...
instagram [Harry Styles au] by hayleysfault
instagram [Harry Styles au]by haz
#2 x fivesecondsofsummer | #11 x barbarapalvin | ... @harrystyles - this is what started a growing friendship with a cheeky boy band and maybe somethi...
good little boy //cake// by rosetaako
good little boy //cake//by bella 🌹
a story about a good little boy who falls for a bad boy.
New Broken Scene: A 5SOS Jukebox Musical Script by ab_costi
New Broken Scene: A 5SOS Jukebox Abigail Costi
This is the script to a musical I have written using the songs on Sounds Good Feels Good. As talked about on my TikTok account @ab_costi, go over there for more info!
Fifth Half (l.h.) ✔️ by trishcatfish
Fifth Half (l.h.) ✔️by trish
The fifth half that fell in love with her best friend. (social media x pov) #1 in LUKEHEMMINGS (06/29/19)
5SOS PREFERENCES 2.0 by WhosLukeHemmings
book 2 of the 5sos preferences
A Little Rebel » calm ot4  by crazedcliffo
A Little Rebel » calm ot4 by crazedcliffo
Where Michael, someone who is part of an attention growing robbery team, just happens to catch the attention of the three famous gang leaders. -Muke, Malum, & Mashton- P...
Songwriter •LRH•  by LucasIsAPenguin02
Songwriter •LRH• by Maddy McCabe🌻
"Don't come crying to me when he breaks your heart" ~ The boys find themselves in a slump of writers block so they find themselves a temporary songwriter. What...