Babygirl // Daddy Calum by cxlumsbabygirl
Babygirl // Daddy Calumby cxlumsbabygirl
Calum is Sydney's older brother's best friend but she likes to think of him as Daddy. The pair sneak behind her brother's back while he's away and start a relationship...
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Club Penguin || l.h. by overdosive
Club Penguin || queen paige
"Hey, it's lukeisapenguin from club penguin. I don't know if you remember me, but we got married at the lighthouse about ten years ago."
  • calumhood
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  • internet
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Oblivion // Luke Hemmings by bndawson
Oblivion // Luke Hemmingsby Brit
In which a girl and a boy have a one night stand and they meet again two years later.
  • michaelclifford
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • 5sosfanfic
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5sos Smut by beautifulcalums
5sos Smutby beautifulcalums
A bunch of 5sos smut
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • 5secondsofsummerpreferences
  • lukehemmings
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One Shots/Kink by raynedrop808
One Shots/Kinkby Perrie's Future Wife
This is just a collection of dirty one shots. Some will include band members, others will use "(y/n)", and I will also take requests (request closed until furt...
  • cute
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|5SOS imagines| by whatsurbbmpinafi
|5SOS imagines|by jess 💓
a book of imagines! some are in first person, some use 'you' if you want to request something, please do! -whatsurbbmpinafi
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Daddy's girl// L.R.H by taintedwhore
Daddy's girl// L.R.Hby Taintedwhore
' hey, I'm Aria. I just moved next door and my mum told me to come by to introduce myself as we will be neighbours' I say as I look up at who answers the door only to se...
  • ashton
  • 5sos
  • michael
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Daddy's Girl | l.h. au by becclb
Daddy's Girl | l.h. auby ✧ beccah ✧
"Whose are you, baby?" "I'm y-yours." "No, baby, you're daddy's girl." In which a teenage girl is attracted to a twenty three year old who...
  • daddykink
  • fivesecondsofsummer
  • luke
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Little Luna (DDLG) {C.H.} by FallOutDemons
Little Luna (DDLG) {C.H.}by ★ DDLG ★
Formally known as Make Me, Daddy.
  • fivesecondsofsummer
  • fivesos
  • cgl
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muke one shots vol 3 by blackveilmuke
muke one shots vol 3by bvm
third book of muke one shots
  • clemmings
  • 5sosfanfic
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5SOS Imagines by lukescute
5SOS Imaginesby lukescute
Five Seconds of Summer Preferences/Imagines from Tumblr
  • michaelclifford
  • fivesecondsofsummer
  • imagines
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instagram - h.s  by hayleysfault
instagram - h.s by hayz xxx
@harrystyles - this is what started a growing friendship with a cheeky boy band and maybe something a little more with the one with the forest green eyes and charming sm...
  • louistomlinson
  • friendship
  • niallhoran
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Stepbrother | L-R-H | by dxddyslilgirlx
Stepbrother | L-R-H |by daddies little girl
Veronica never intended to lose her father She didn't want her mother to meet a new guy She didnt expect him to propose She loved her new family. But she didn't expe...
  • irwin
  • 5sos
  • brother
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teach me to be innocent, l.hemmings by fckinghealy
teach me to be innocent, l.hemmingsby ☽ GRL PWR ☾
when a good girl teaches a bad boy how to fake innocence
  • hood
  • fivesecondsofsummer
  • luke
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Table 5•l.h by legit-luke
Table 5•l.hby Legit-luke
It all started with me being seated at Table 5, With noisy and reckless boys causing trouble in the booth behind mine. All rights reserved © legit-luke 2017
  • lukehemmingsfanfiction
  • love
  • lovestory
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I (Accidentally) Kidnapped 5SOS by fivesuave
I (Accidentally) Kidnapped 5SOSby sammi/sam
Trust me, it was an accident. I don't even like 5SOS! How was I supposed to know that my best friend was a crazed fanatic about them? How was I supposed to know that I h...
  • seconds
  • clifford
  • michaelclifford
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5SOS Imagines Book One☺️ by lish_5soss
5SOS Imagines Book One☺️by Eilish =]
So I have a 5sos account on Instagram, @2.much.5sos , & I do some 5SOS imagines on there so yeah, just thought I'd put them all together in Wattpad for people to read ☺️...
  • 5secondsofsummer
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Calum Hood Imagines ♡ by contentcalum
Calum Hood Imagines ♡by ♡♡♡
everything calum hood
  • calum
  • imagines
  • 5sos
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I'm really not fine at all by valntyne_5sos
I'm really not fine at allby acb2004
Jordan has felt numb ever since that car accident that killed her best friend. Calum doesn't know how to let go of Jessica after her death, he can't let go. When their l...
  • calumhood
  • ashtonirwin
  • fivesecondsofsummer
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NEW YEAR'S DAY → HEMMINGS by wwylmluke
"I met her on new year's eve, apparently. The next morning, I woke up on a hardwood floor." The story of two unlikely lovers & their broken pasts. © wwylmluke...
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