Chapter 15

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Chapter 15:

(Bailey's P.O.V)

I look upwards ,It was Liam. I was sat on the floor leaning against the path walls made up of fallen tree trunks . His face turned to anger when he saw my neck."What happened to you" He asked. "Z-Zayn he b-bite m-me" I choked up.
My eyes started to close and Liam picked me up. "Keep your eyes open for me baby" He said and i did my best. He ran his vampire speed which made ne dizzy.
He ran into the house, Slamming the door open and slamming it shut ."LOUIS, BOYS ,HELP" Liam screamed. All the boys ran in and Louis ran straight up to me "Was this Niall" He said angrily. "N-No i-it was z-Zayn, Niall saved me" I managed to whisper out. I looked in my hand to find that i was grasping hold of the necklace Niall had got me. Louis was holding me close as i calmed down because Ashton and harry was cleaning the blood from my neck.

There was knock on the door Liam opened it . It was Niall. Liam grabbed him by his neck and threw him the wall. "YOU BASTED WE TRUSTED YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENS WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO SAY FOR YOURSELF" Louis shouted. Liam grabbed him by his neck and threw him at the wall behind me. He went to attack Liam but i grabbed hold of his hand. "Don't Niall" I whispered he turned back to me with red eyes and his fangs sticking out. " Don't look at me when I'm like this i look ugly" He said guiltily. "It's not your fault Niall" I cupped my hands round his face as his red eyes and fangs faded. I smiled and he smiled up at me. "I'm sorry about Zayn" Niall apologised."It's ok it wasn't your fault, If it wasn't for you id be dead and look still alive " I whispered smiling at him. We lent in. But someone coughed at the side of us. We looked to the side to see a angry Louis.

"So there's a little romance going on here" Louis asked annoyance clear in his voice. Me and Niall looked down. "Yes i will not allow you to see each other" Louis finished. "What NO, NO! you can't do that" I shouted at him. "Last time i checked I'm the last part of family you've got left after the rest of them died for you" He screamed back. I sat there in shock. "How could you say that " I whispered. "I-I'm sorry i didn't mean to" He stuttered. "Well you did" i whispered. "Right get Niall out of our house" Louis ordered. Michael, Harry and Liam. Went up to Niall and grabbed him. He started struggling. "No. Niall. let him go" I said running towards them i ran into Ashton. Niall was still fighting trying to stop them, "No Ashton let me go" I shouted. "I'm sorry i cant" Ashton whispered in my ear pinning me to the wall. " But he saved me he doesn't deserve this" I choked out. I slid down the wall crying. "Don't worry Bailey I Love You" Niall shouted. "I love you too" I whispered. Then the door slammed shut......

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