Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

*Bailey's P.O.V*

I'm sure my arms broken .I held it to me facing the wall the two boys I trusted the most my brother and the person I loved both hurt me I was saved by my best friend he had lied to me as well he always said he'd never lie to me, he was a werewolf but I should forgive him, he saved my life. I heard what he had said to Niall and to be honest it was true he was the one that didn't hurt me but he's my best friend you wouldn't expect him to.

I felt Niall touch my shoulder but i flinched away my arm hurt. "I-i" he tried to apologise but I cut him. " No, Just don't" I said, getting up and walking out the room. I needed to go to the hospital and i need to calm down before i talk to anyone. I heard footsteps behind me I turned around And saw Ashton and Michael the two people I had left to trust. "Hospital??" Ashton asked. I nodded he grabbed the keys walking out Michael close behind, outside stood Zayn Luke and Calum. They looked at me confused. " Ask Niall" I whispered, Zayn told Luke and Calum to tag along with us and we went to the hospital.

I was checked out by the nurse and I had broken my arm and bruised my ribs I had a bright blue cast on and Ashton ,Calum ,Michael and Luke all write their names on it and drew on it. We came out the Hospital and decided to go to Starbucks. We ate and drank these guys aren't as bad as I thought they were. Then Ashton's phone went off he said yeah to pretty much everything I knew they were talking about me because he kept glancing at me while they were speaking and then put it down, he looked at me " They want us home now" He said. I sighed my fun was over and misery called life was in clear view and off we went back to hell on earth. We pulled up outside jumped out the car by arm still hurt but I'll live and we walked in they stood at the door all five of them. I heard gasps. "Bailey what happened to your arm" Harry asked, luckily the nurse didn't see my neck and the bite mark.

I looked up at Louis and Niall who stood together looking guilty my eyes started watering And I ran off up the stairs. Running into my room slamming the door shut and locking it. I never wanted to forgive them, but I knew I would because I love them. Bailey, open up ,please?" Niall soft voice asked. I thought against it but he carried on banging on the door and shouting until I gave up. I sighed. I might as well sort it out. I opened up my dog and he walked in sitting on the bed. "Bailey, I'm so sorry" He started. "Leave it. I know you don't like wolves it's your natural instinct" I grumbled. He sighed thankfully.

"Who is he Bailey??" He asked Why is this so important. Oh great. "He's one of my best friends hes being a good friend since I got here and he's gay so don't think anything is going in. He's called Sam and he was saving me from Louis" I explained. Niall nodded understanding they will never like him but he is my friend not theirs. I could see it in Niall's face he wasn't happy about me being friends with a wolf. "You're not happy about it are you Niall" I questioned him. He shook his head. "I just don't trust them" He look sincere when he said it. I nodded. Great now they don't trust one of my best friends. Soon tears were slowly falling down my face. Everything came back to me my parents, my brother being a vampire, My kind of boyfriend being a vampire, Reece being a wolf.

"I can't believe my own brother goes on about protecting me and he's the one that hurts me" I cried. Niall hugged me and I rested my head on his chest. I cried until I fell into a peaceful sleep. I wonder what Louis will say to try and make it up to me.

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