Chapter 5

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Chapter five:

Bailey's POV:

"What?" I gasped. My heart was beating so fast, it felt like there was no air in the room. I felt like I was suffocating.

"I'm a vampire" he repeated looking deep into my eyes looking for some sort of reaction.

"I need to leave" I quickly spoke as I went to ran towards the door. Before I could even turn around Louis was already at the door, using what I guessed to be his 'Vampire' skills.

"I'm not letting you leave until you talk to me" he sternly told me, he scared me, my own brother actually scared me.

"Louis please just let me leave" I cried starting to shake.

"Bailey, please don't be scared of me" he begged. "Please just let me explain"

"Explain what Louis? That you never told me? How did you expect me to live here without knowing what you are?" I cried.

"I tried to protect you, I did it protect you!" He shouted. "I thought that of you didn't know, and then you wouldn't have to be scared of what is in this town" he began.

"So you never told me? Louis I'm pretty sure that it would have been better for me to know then keeping it from me that I was living with a vampire!" I explained.

"Vampires" he said quietly looking down at the floor.

"What?" I gasped.

"The boys are vampires as well" he quickly whispered.

"This just keeps getting better doesn't it! How could you not tell me? Was it you that killed them people?" I cried, thoughts running through my brain.

"No, no, no Bailey you have to know I don't kill people, I would never hurt anyone and I most definitely won't hurt you." He told me walking closer to me. "You have to know I didn't want any of this, I just wanted to keep you as safe as I could"

"Look Louis, I just need some time to think, please just let me leave" I begged.

"Do you promise me that if anything happens you will ring me" he asked.

"I promise but Louis you have to promise me not to follow me, or get anybody to follow me for you" I told him.

He seemed hesitant at first but then finally agreed. "Just keep yourself safe okay?" He asked. I nodded before quickly walking out the house. I was so relieved when I felt freshness of the outside air when I stepped outside.

I quickly began to walk away from the house wanting to get as far away as possible. I needed to go for a walk, a really long walk. I chose the road that led to the forest, I felt the need to go on there. I just needed to be by myself and that seemed like the perfect place to go. I just couldn't get into my mind that they were vampires. My brother was a vampire. I always used to watch films and TV shows about vampires but I never actually believed that they were actually real and now I practically live with six of them. This was too much to take in; before I knew it I was at the forest.

I looked around the trees were a mixture of green and browns the beauty of spring. It looked amazing. I carried on walking through the trees of the forest when I came to a huge lake, I didn't know this was here. It was huge, the water was still so much so you could see the reflection of the trees in it. I sat on a rock which was next to me and just stared at the lake, it took my mind away from everything, and it calmed me.

I heard a crunch of a stick behind me, distracting me from my thoughts. I quickly turned around. Nothing was there. My heart started beating quickly, something that had happened many times before. I stood up and began to quickly look around for the thing that could have made the noise.

Suddenly I felt something from behind me; my heart was now doing back flips. I started breathing heavily as a desperate attempt to get oxygen into my body.

"What are you doing here Bailey?" I heard a Irish voice say from behind me, I didn't even look at the person before knowing that it was Niall, I didn't know whether to be relieved that it was Niall or to be scared.

"I-I came here to think" I croaked out. I wanted to turn round but I felt like I was frozen in the position I was in.

"About what?" he asked, I felt him stepping closer to me as he spoke.

"Things" I simply responded still in the same position.

"What type of things?" he asked yet again.

I suddenly built up the courage to ask. "Why do you and my brother hate each other?" I blurted out.

"It's natural for us to hate each other" he simply replied.

"What do you mean by natural?" I asked.

"Our groups have always hated each other, you can't choose who to like and dislike you are born into it" he told me. I didn't really understand what he meant all I know is that his group and my brothers group for whatever reason hate each other.

"How was Louis born into a group? He wasn't even born here?" I asked.

"Your parents" he told me.

"My parents?" I asked completely and utterly confused.

"Yes, your parents were in a group"

"They were?" I asked my voice cracking. I missed my parents so much.

"Yes. The reason Louis  is protective over you is because of the evil that is in town. He doesn't want you near me" he explained.

"Why?" I feared.

"Because I'm the evil he is trying to protect you from" he revealed.

"Niall, how long have you been nineteen?" I asked my voice slightly cracking.

"I have been nineteen for five hundred and seventeen years." He whispered from right behind me, his breath sending shivers down my spine.

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