Chapter 30

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Chapter 30:

(Bailey's P.OV)

It had being a week and I haven't spoke a word to Louis. I talk to all the others like nothing happened but When Louis tried to join in or tried to talk to me I'd walk away. I never said anything to him. When he came in my room at night. I'd pretend to be asleep and he would talk to me thinking I'm asleep.

It was night and I heard him making his way down the corridor to my room. So I closed my eyes and I heard him come through the door. The bed dipped as he sat on it and began to speak.

"Bailey, I love you more than anything. I'm sorry I said those words to you. At the moment I haven't had the will to live. I don't want to be here if my little sister won't even acknowledge me being there. I understand your angry with me and I wish those words never came out of my mouth. I'm sorry Bailey I really am sorry." He explained. I felt a tear hit my face he was crying over me. My vampire brother was crying. He stroked my face as he got up and left. I opened my eyes a tear falling down my cheek what am I going to do. I finally fell asleep not wanting to think about it.

It was the next morning and I was laid in bed. Thinking about what Louis had said. He has to act like a dad and mum as well as being my brother. I felt like a bitch. I didn't want to carry it in like this I jumped off my bed putting my music on. Green day started playing mine and Louis favourite band well one of them. I pulled my high waisted shorts on and my try die shirt. I sorted my hair and makeup and ran downstairs the first person I saw was Louis. For the first time I looked at him. He looked broken he had bags under his eyes. I ran up to him hugging him tight. " I love you Lou. I'm sorry" I whispered choking up. "I love you to sis" he wrapped his arm around me squeezing tight. I'm glad I forgave him. What would I do without my brother.

"Bailey, I'm sorry for what I said I was angry and I'm sorry for when i bit you it was an accident swear I never meant to hurt you" He exclaimed. "It's ok Louis you have to act like my own family" I said. "I'm glad you understand Bailey" Louis said. "Can I still hang around with Reece? Hes leaving town next week" I asked him. He looked unsure. "Ok but I will never trust him" He whispered. I nodded in understanding. I looked at the calendar across the room. It was the 26th of June. Its nearly my birthday. Oh no. "Lou its nearly my birthday" I whispered. "I know Bailey don't worry me and Liam have read into it. It will all be fine" He said but i knew he was unsure.

"Am i allowed to have a party?" I pleaded him. He looked at me. I battered my eyes. "Fine. Invite who you want" He sighed. "Yesssss thanks Lou" I squealed. I ran upstairs and made an event on Facebook. It read 'Bailey's 18th'. I smiled as all my friends from my new school were putting they were coming. I looked at my clock. Half past seven in the morning. I ran to the shower jumping and shaving and washing my hair. I got out dressing in my school uniform. Oh how i hate it. I grabbed my river island bag and my school shoes running downstairs. "Bailey!! " I heard Niall shout. I turned around to see him in his school uniform. "Yeh?" I asked. "Wait for me you div" He laughed. I rolled my eyes giggling. The other lads were at college but Zayn, Louis and Ashton were the oldest and stayed at home. "Bye Guys" I shouted. I got a chorus of 'byes' back. "Wait!" Ashton shouted. I rolled my eyes. "What?" I asked. Ashton Vampire speeded in front of me and i jumped back. "High five!" he shouted. I high fived him shaking my head. I walked out running up to Niall. "Sorry" I laughed . He smiled at me winking "Their just as bad as me". I blushed. Finally, we got to school and i ran through the school gates running away from niall. He ran after me grabbing around my waist and hugging me. I looked at him. It felt like no one else was here and we kissed, it was kind of awkward because it was infront of everyone at school . We looked around people were staring with 'awe' on their faces. I looked down blushing as Niall lent down to my ear and whispered "You look cute when you blush" I looked at him and laughed. He grabbed my hand as we walked into school.

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