Chapter 32

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Chapter 32:

(Bailey's P.O.V)

The day had finally come for my party. It going to be great. I got changed into my sweatpants and a band t-shirt. Niall was still in my bed so i had to wake him up quickly but he wouldn't wake. So i started kissing his cheeks, but i got bored so leaned in and kissed him I felt his lips curl into a smile as he kissed me and dragged me back onto the bed. The kiss was long and passionate. Until, i pulled away finally resisting his sweet kisses. I giggled and kissed his neck. "Come on, its half 11 Louis will be checking up soon." I whispered. He sighed. "But i don't want to leave you" He whined quietly. I giggled again. "I promise. I'll see you tonight" I whispered again. He smiled. "Well, i promise ill get Louis to let me be with you" He whispered. I blushed a lot and smiled. He chuckled as he change into his clothes pulling on his leather jacket. Before going to the window. "I love you, Bailey" I heard. I smiled to myself. "I love you too Niall" I giggled, turning around and kissing him. "See you later Beautiful" He chuckled winking before he jumped out of my window. "Bye Ni" I smiled before putting my hair into a bun and walking downstairs. "Morning Bailey you excited for your party" Louis said as i walked into the kitchen and sat down on the stool. "Yep i can't wait" I smiled excitedly. "Ohh and Bailey" He said. "Ye?" I asked. " I know Niall stayed the night" He explained.

I put my head down. "I'm sorry Louis, It's just i-i love him Louis" I said tears brimming. He came up to me and hugged me." It's ok i believe Bailey that i your big brother is starting to trust that blonde haired arse" He chuckled. I gasped "Really?" I squealed. He nodded. I jumped on him. "I love You Lou" I screamed. Ashton walked in with harry. Harry came up to me and hugged me. "I'm sorry for being so over protective but you so much like a sister to me" He looked guilty as he said it. "Its fine haz i understand" I smiled at him. "Right come on where going shopping for alcohol" Ashton Laughed. Me, Harry, Ashton and Liam got in the car while Lou and Michael stayed at home. We got to the shop and bought, Jaeger for Jaeger bombs, Vodka, Whiskey, Tequila, Beer, Larger and cider. We bought so much we were sure to be getting drunk tonight and i also bought some American style cups. We bought it and it came up to about £147 worth of drinks. I giggled thinking about what Louis was going to think.

We arrived home and took all the drink in. Nialls gang was round and their mouth gaped as they saw how much alcohol we had took into the house. "Come on guys, have a bit of fun." They all chuckled. It was now half 4. "Ok guys I'm going to get ready" I giggled running upstairs. I sat in my room for 5 minutes letting the bath run. Then there was a knock on my bedroom door. I opened it and Niall was stood their smiling to himself. "I guess Louis told you too?" I giggled. His eyes lit up. "Yep" He chuckled. He wrapped his arms around my waist and leaned it. We kissed which soon turned into getting off. I giggled as i pulled away. "I'm getting a bath, wait in my room" I kissed his cheek. "Cant i come with you" He pouted. I shook my head laughing. "No." I laughed. He pouted again before sitting on my bed and i went into the bathroom climbing into the bath. Relaxing.

I had being in the bath for at least an hour and had a wash, shaved and washed my hair. I pulled myself out rapping my red fluffy towel around myself. I walked out and found Niall still sat on my bed. He looked up as i walked into my room smiling, "Took you long enough " I giggled. "Come on get out , i need to get ready" I ordered. "But i want to stay" he whined. "Out. Now" I said trying to do a serious face but ended up laughing. "Fine" he huffed getting up and walking out the door but ran back in to kiss me before walking out again. I laughed. I shut and locked my door. I had 2 hours' until it was 7 and the party started. I grabbed my hairdryer drying my hair and putting it into a high pony tail. I grabbed my makeup, applying it to my face doing winged eye liner and bright red lips that always went with my blonde -brown hair. I can't believe both of my eyes went great that's new. my mascara made my eyelashes longer and thicker. Great. I Grabbed my curlers and started curling the different layers of my hair, finally it was all curled perfectly equally. I has spent an hour and 3/4 just on that. I slipped on my dress that hugged my upper body perfectly and slipped on my black wedges. I looked in the mirror satisfied with my appearance. I took a quick selfie, like a typical girl.

I took a deep breath, opening my door and walking down the stairs the lads were stood at the bottom of the stairs looking smart but casual party smart. Their mouths fell open when i got to the bottom. "Bailey you beautiful just like your brother" Louis said which made me giggle. "You look just wow" Ashton and Michael whispered in sync. "wow" Michael, Ashton, Luke, Calum and Zayn said. Which made me blush. Suddenly, i felt arms around my waist, i looked up startled to be met with Nialls lips. "You look beautiful, princess" He whispered in my ear. I giggle turning around i was nearly as tall as him now. "You scrub up well Horan" I giggled into his ear. I walked into the living room to see a ping pong table set up ready for beer pong. yes. I hugged Louis. "This is going to be great" I laughed. He had even got one of his friends to get one of the best DJ's The music started playing and the whole house bounced to the beat. The door rang and half of my friends were outside their was like 50 of them i let them all in and the lads got them all drink and then a few minutes later more people turned up and more and more. soon the house was nearly full. I just wish my best friend was here.

Suddenly, i felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around startled it was Binky. "OMG" I screamed jumping on her. "I'm so glad your back" I cried. "Yep I'm back and here to stay" She squealed. I grabbed drink and me and Emily took shots and drank. Soon we got dragged into a game of beer pong. It was me against Josh. He got my cup first time and i downed it. It lasted for about 20 minutes until he won me. I laughed i was getting drunk. I grabbed Binky and went into the dancing crowd we were dancing and slut dropping. I saw Niall and Zayn and waved them over. We started dancing soon all the lads joined us and it was clear they were at least tipsy. Me and Binky stood in the middle of the circle the lads had made around us. I laughed at them as i danced too. Soon a slow song came on. Zayn wrapped his arms around Binkys waist. Ashton Grabbed mine as we slow danced and i saw Niall, Michael and Louis doing a three way slow dance. Niall came up to me and Ashton went and joined Michael and Louis. While the other lads danced with each other. We danced and at the end of the song we kissed.

Reece had turned up late and had left early, i think Harry said something to him. I drank more and more. It got to half 3 in the morning and all my friends left and Binky was with Zayn in his room because Nialls clan was going to live with us now. Louis had decided yesterday and they were Sleeping and yes i checked. The lads has sobered up due to them being vampires but i was still off my face. The lads had decided it was time for bed so they turned out the lights and we went upstairs. I grabbed Nialls hand asking him to stay with me. He agreed and we walked into my room i put on my pyjama shorts and Nialls shirt and niall slept in his boxers. I got into bed next to him. He breathed on my neck. "Bailey, I'm hungry" He whispered. "Ok, Have a drink Ni" I whispered back tiredly. He bit into my neck but the alcohol numbed the pain. He pulled away whispering thank you. "It's ok" I said. That had sobered me up a lot all of a sudden. He kissed me and this time it got heated but we soon got tired and I dropped to sleep.

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