Chapter 22

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Chapter 22:

(Bailey's P.O.V)

I unlocked the door, walking in ,Binky not far behind. We dropped our bags that also had abit of blood on them. Liam and Harry walked down the stairs having a conversation about something. They looked up saw us dripping with the vampires blood and............. burst out laughing. Their laughing was so loud the other boys came running in to see what they were laughing about. "Bailey What the hell happened!" Liam shouted. I started laughing. Then Louis ran in. "Bailey!! What Happened!!" Louis exclaimed. "Them Vampires are everywhere we are just sorting it out" I said laughing with Emily. Louis laughed " I'm impressed"

Then there was a knock on the door. I went to get it but Harry pulled me back letting Louis open the door. It was Niall. " I was in the woods and i heard yelling" he said to Louis. Louis just pointed at us. Niall looked at us rushing in he went to walk towards us to have a better look but Ashton stopped him about 2 meters away from us. " What happened to you to??" Niall questioner in his beautiful Irish accent. " We bumped into a friend of ours" i stated. He chuckled. "Lou you decided to keep the rule of no contact with the her then" Niall asked being cocky. "Yes which also means no sneaking into Bailey's room threw the window" Louis answered back being sassy. " How did you know that?" Niall questioner. Louis grabbed Nialls jacket he had left " Don't leave your jacket behind" Louis sassed yet again. Niall grabbed the jacket and nodded " good idea". I stood there just laughing slightly to myself. Niall looked up and winked at me smiling. I looked down blushing. All the boys noticed. "Really Bailey your blushing" Liam asked. That caused me to blush even more. " OK Bye Niall See You tomorrow at a reasonable hour" Louis said as him and harry ushered him out of the house. " Right Bailey and Friend Showers now i don't like seeing you covered in blood" Louis commented. Me and Binky rushed upstairs finally i can get in the shower.

I grabbed my towel and ran into the bathroom. I got in the shower the blood turning the water red, i washed my hair, and got out getting changed into clean clothes and sorted out my hair. I walked out of the room dumping my bloody clothes into the washing basket and let Binky do what she needed to do. After, We had finished what we were doing, we saunter downstairs. The lads were in the kitchen. "Bailey, me, Lou and Haz need to talk to you about something when your friends not here" Liam said looking at Binky. "Well that has to be tomorrow because she's staying tonight" I said. I grabbed the Ben and Jerry's, sour cream and onion popcorn and walked back to my room with Binky. We sat and watched , white chicks, grownups 2 and white house down, before falling asleep.

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