Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Bailey's P.O.V

Mumbles that's all i heard but it started to get clearer. "What happened?? How did it happen??" Someone was questioning i think it was Louis. "I don't know do i" Harry shouted back. There was a bang and someone shouted. "Will you give the girl some peace" An Irish accent shouted. I shot up looking straight at Louis, Louis looked back at me "How could you" I whispered. "What?" Louis questioned. "HOW COULD YOU!!" I screamed at Louis. "What?!?!" He screamed back. "You lied. When you said immortal. You never said that meant that i could be vampire how could you lie?! And Magic what the hell is that " I screamed. Tears streaming down my face. Niall pulled me into his chest. I just cried into his chest. "B-Bailey i was goi-" Louis tried to speak. I stood up anger boiling up inside me before he could t alk to me i slapped him round the face. His face moved with my hand. He slowly turned his head back to mine his eyes bright red. "Oh shit" I whispered. The veins round his eyes popped out his eyes bright red. "Run Motherfucker" I screamed running through the door. I ran as fast i could i could hear him behind me. I started to run downstairs but fell. I tumbled downstairs as i hit the bottom i blacked out completely.

*Louis P.OV*

She slapped me. Anger boiled up inside of me. I turned to look at her my eyes bleeding out anger. My eyes gleaming red. Her face changed completely. She was scared but shocked. At this moment i wanted to rip her head off but i thought i might just scare her. She screamed "Run Motherfucker" and took off threw the door. I ran after her but then i heard something tumble down the stairs and hit the bottom. I ran to the top of the stairs and saw her laying out cold her head bleeding at the bottom of the stairs. I ran down the stairs grabbing her head. "BAILEY!! " I screamed. The next thing i know Liam, Zayn, Harry and Niall were stood around me. I cried this was my fault. It was as if she was dead. I bit into my wrist and put into her mouth. She started to drink slightly. I picked her up, she will heal ,slowly.

***3 hours later****

I woke up with a head ace a pain in my neck. I groaned out load. The house was silent. I stood up But fell. I groaned again i slowly got up. Pulling myself up on the cupboards. I fell all other the place on the way to the kitchen. I pulled out the tea cakes. good old British tea cakes. I toasted them and made sure the butter melted into them. I sat and ate them. I still had a headache i felt my head and there was a dint a pain shot threw my head when i touched it. I'm going back to sleep I'm in so much pain. I stumbled back towards the sitting room and laid on the sofa pulling the blanket back over me and falling into a deep sleep.

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