Chapter 7

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Chapter seven:

Bailey's POV:

I took a deep breath, filling my body with as much confidence as possible before walking into the house. I'm going to get answers from him whether he likes it or not. As I walked down the hall I could hear the boys talking, being my sneaky self yet again I pressed my ear to the wall.

"She needs to stay away from him, he's going to hurt her" I heard Louis say his voice slightly muffled. "We will talk later she's here" I heard him say. Great, now I won't be able to say what he was going to say. "Bailey?" I heard him call.

"Here!" I greeted him with an non enthusiastic tone. The boys walked out the room, I never gave any of them any attention they lied to me to.

"Bailey I know that you are mad but you have to listen to me" he gushed.

"How did mum die?" I cut him off looking him dead in the eyes.

"Wh-What do you mean? You know, she, she died in a car crash with dad" he stuttered, he was lying it was so obvious. He's always been a bad liar I guess that never changed.

"I know you are lying and I know that you know what happened and I think I have the right to know what happened to my own mother, don't you?" I spoke quietly.

"You have been with him haven't you?" he acknowledged.

"Yes, yes I have" I said bluntly. I seen him tense.

"You need to stay away from him" he sternly told me.

"Tell me what happened to mum and then I will let you explain to me why you don't want me near Niall" I continued.

"Bailey, you have learnt a lot today, I think maybe you should go to sleep and I will tell you tomorrow" he suggested.

"No Louis, she was my mum and I want to know now" I responded.


"Louis, just because you are a vampire doesn't mean I'm scared of you or what has happened, please just tell me" I begged.

"Sit down, this might be a lot for you take in" he instructed as he grabbed my hand and sat me down, wow he was strong. "Erm, I don't really know how to start.." he started.

"From the beginning would be nice" I smiled sarcastically. He just gave me a look back.

"Mum was different to other people, mum and dad were both different' he started. Dad? What was my dad? "Mum was a powerful witch... and dad he was a vampire hunter that's why I moved here" a vampire hunter? I just sat in silence and waited for him to continue. "When I became a vampire, obviously dad knew, he didn't know what to do and of course I didn't know what he was. Somehow he got over is natural instincts to kill me and told me to move away from home to keep me safe away from him and to keep you safe also. Mum knew that her being a witch, your dad being a vampire hunter and your brother being a vampire that you weren't safe and you will never have been safe." I didn't know what he was getting at but I was scared to know the outcome. "Do you want me to carry on?" he asked.

"Please" I answered quietly.

"Word spread around our world about how I was a vampire and it is breaking the rules for a witch to have a vampire as a son, that's another reason they sent me away, but dad he has enemies, vampire enemies and now he has a vampire son many hunter enemies too. The vampires were over the moon when they found out that I was a vampire because they knew that it would be easy to get to you. In order to hurt dad they wanted to hurt his family and you were now their number one target. Mum and dad started researching on ways to keep you safe, anything that they could do they would. Then mum came across a spell that would keep you safe from everything, so that no creature could ever hurt you, but it came at a price"

"What was the price?" I asked, my voice slightly cracking.

"Death. She had to die to complete the spell, but that was a price she was willing to pay" he continued, his face showing no emotion.

"She died saving me?" I cried.

"Yes" he replied simply.

"What about dad?" I asked, tears flowing down my cheeks.

"He chose to die with her, he told me to look after you after they went, and he said we didn't need him anymore" his voice strained. "The spell will begin when you turn 18, the reason I am wary about you is because your blood is almost unbearable for us to be near you, you have a temporary spell on you so vampires cannot bite you until your 18. Something changed In your blood the day mum died, it wasn't meant to happen but it was punishment for the dark magic. Your blood will attract vampires and once they find out what you are they won't stop until they get your blood"

"Why?" I asked.

"Because your blood will make a vampire the strongest they will ever have been so until you turn 18 they can smell your blood from miles away so after your 18 you'll be a little safer, The smell of your blood will be blocked so they won't be able to find you as easy ,you'll have to be careful
Still . Until then you need to be very safe." he continued.

"What was the spell Louis?" I asked, scared of the answer.

"Immortality, the spell was immortality"

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