Chapter 24

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Chapter 24:

(Bailey's P.O.V)

"Let me see" Harry ordered. I shook my head. "There's nothing to see" I said. He tried to move my hair again but i wouldn't let him. "Bailey let me see" He shouted at me. Then i ran. "Bailey get back" Harry shouted. I ran "Liam get her" Harry screamed. I dodged Liam as he tried to grab me. I seem to be running really fast. I ran for my room dodging Michael and Louis on the way. I locked the door as they banged on it. I ran into the bathroom washing my neck "Niall you little shit" I whispered quietly to myself. I washed the blood off quickly, before walking back in and opening my bedroom door.

Liam and Harry grabbed me as Louis walked up to me. I struggled slightly but they were way too strong. Louis pushed my hair out of the way. "So Bailey, where did you get these bit marks from?" Louis asked. " I-it's from that's accident with Zayn remember" I challenged him. He smirked and chuckled. "Bailey for one your my sister and i know when you're lying and two those other bite marks healed these are fresh" he stated touching one of them making me hiss out in pain.

Out of the corner of my eyes i saw Harry and Liam smile. Then Louis and my eyes came back into contact."So Bailey how did it happen this time" he questioned. i just got owned. " Well You see erm i erm he was erm i don't know" i stuttered continuously. The boys laughed before going serious again. "oh come on we all know that's not true" Harry said. Then Ashton and Michael joined us. "Niall paid us a small visit............... didn't he Bailey" Ashton turning to me. Everyone looked at me as i put my head down and nodded slightly. " That's it, no more contact ever if they are injured you stay in your room" Louis screamed. " Now get into your room and don't come out till i tell you" Louis screamed facing me this time. I ran into my room, a few minutes later i heard harry and Liam screaming down the phone at niall saying mostly what they had said to me but more threats. I was hurt i felt it was my fault. A tear slipped down my cheek. I cried silently for i don't know how long when suddenly, i heard a tap at my window.

I looked other and saw Niall, I looked behind him to see Zayn, Luke and Calum they waved and i waved back as they disappeared back into the trees guarding outside the house.. Niall climbed in my room and i shut my window. He looked at me with his blue jewelled eyes and he looked confused when he saw i had being crying. He came up to me. " Why have you being crying" He asked quietly rubbing a tear away as it cascaded down my face. " Louis got too much i guess, i feel it's all my fault" I said my voice cracking at the end. " Ye it was a lot for me as well and it wasn't your fault  it was all my fault, i shouldn't of bit you" Niall said looking down guiltily. " It was both mine and your fault don't blame everything on yourself and you were hungry you can't help that you should see me when I'm hungry" I whispered laughing. Niall started laughing too.

Niall smiled and i smiled back. He picked me up bridal style laying on me on my bed he laid down next to me and i rested my head on his chest as he played with my hair. I was exhausted. " Sleep my princess i love you" He whispered and with that i fell into a peaceful sleep.

Nialls (P.O.V)
" Sleep my princess i love you" I whispered in her ear as she fell asleep. She was beautiful and i loved her. When harry and Liam rang me up earlier and screamed at me i cried afterwards i felt bad, i felt as though it was all my fault, i knew they would of said something to Bailey., so came to see my beautiful girl and found out Louis was more harsh than usual but i guess he has reason to be so protective of his sister. No matter what they say I'll always love her and i will try my best to protect her.

It's being half an hour and she's sleeping little snores are coming from her mouth, but then i heard footsteps my Head shot up. I bent down kissed her on the cheek and jumped out of the window leaving it open. I watched from the trees as Louis walked into her room. He sat on the corner of her bed and stroked her cheek. " I love you Bailey I'm sorry for the hard times i give you i just don't want to lose you, you're the best part of family i have and the last" i heard Louis say to her sleeping figure. I smiled at his words i understood completely. " And i know you love Niall and i know he loves you i just don't want him to hurt you or break your heart" I whispered. He got up and walked to the window i hid behind the tree as he closed the window and shut the curtains. Then i made my way home.

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