Chapter 16

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Chapter 16:

(Bailey's P.O.V)

The door slammed shut. I screamed in anger slamming my head against the wall. I sat there on the floor crying into my hands . i could feel the boys eyes on me. Louis came up-to me and tried to hug me. "Get off me Louis, Don't touch me" i sighed pushing him off. "Bailey i didn't mean what i said" he started. "But you said it and that's all that matters, i don't want to be immortal i just want to die." I whispered. "Bailey don't say that" Louis whispered back. "Already did".

I got the necklace niall got me out of my pocket, to have a proper look at it  ,on the locket there was beautiful, Irish clover. I opened it and there was a picture of me and niall together laughing and joking. The Irish clover had a green substance inside, it looked magical.

I stood up steadily and  ran upstairs and locked my door. I sat in the corner of my room on my bed, next to the window. I grabbed my beats putting them over my ears and listening to the music that was on my phone.  I was staring at the locket, inspecting every little bit of it. I stood up laying it on my dresser and smiled. Then Mcbusted came on my favourite song and i just laid down and replayed the events if today

*2 hours later*

I rang up Binky, to ask if she coming out and she said she was so I'm going to go and meet her at tony's ,the corner shop. I turn my music off and got changed, put on my leather jacket. I walk downstairs and to the door, as soon as i open it a hand slams it shut. I turn around and look up. Harry.  "What?"  I asked. "Were do you think you're going?" he questions."Out" I say in a duh tone. "Out with" He asked. "None of your business" I answer cockily. He pins me to the door. "With Who" He asks threw gritted teeth. "Binky you know that one that's not a blood sucking monster or a massive big wolf or something else trying to attack me" I answer. "Don't Call us monsters" He shouts. Louis comes running probably heard harry shouting at me. " What she say Haz" Louis asks. "She thinks it's a good idea to call us blood sucking monsters" Harry explained. Louis looked at me anger clear in his face as he made his way towards me."Don't you ever call us blood sucking monsters do you understand!?!?" He screamed at me. I just rolled my eyes. "Do. You. Understand" He said quietly anger clear in his voice. I nod "Yes". Harry and Louis were stood right in front of me, staring at me their eyes fully black. They must really hate being called monsters. "Can i go now please?" i asked Louis and harry. They nodded moving out the way. I walk out walking down, the street . I look at the house as i walk down the street. They were telling the other lads what i said and Louis was watching me walk down the street. I get to tony's and met Binky. When we were out we didn't mention anything about Vampires or her Being a Witch.

We went everywhere, We walked through the main street. We just walk around and have a laugh for once i forget about the vampire poo. Binky knew about vampire and she isn't scared she even knew about niall and my sought of family being vampires.  After that i look at my phone quarter to ten. Shit. I was meant to be home for 8. Just a bit later than 8 well I'm dead. i have 6 missed calls and 15 unread messages. "I'm off home Ali" I say i hug her and start walking the distance to my house. I wouldn't mind but I'm on the other side of the town. The next thing i know. Niall's in front of me. I jump backwards. "Niall you scared me" I sighed. "Come on admit it your slightly scared of me" He chuckled."No I'm not" I laughed. He cuddled me. "You're not wearing the necklace" He commented. "I'm sorry i left it on my dresser its very beautiful though so thank you." I smiled. He smiled and kissed my cheek. "You're out late"  He commented. "Yeah i was meant to be in at 8 its only 5 to 10, just a small little bit late" I laughed. He laughed with me. "I'm dead" I groaned. He nodded. "Yep" He laughed out, i sighed at the bottom of my street, "I'm going to leave you here because if they see you god knows what will happen" He nodded understanding .I kissed his cheek. "Bye Niall " I said, "Bye Princess" He smiled... I walked up the street and got to my house, unlocked the door and was faced with.

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