Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

(Bailey's P.O.V)

The rest of the week had passed quickly including school me and Niall had being able to get closer since Louis had being busy worrying about my 'change' so it kind of to let us hang out we weren't an item becuase then Louis would kill us. We didn't really know what we were or if we would be because we were scared off what Louis would say. Also My party was coming up on Saturday and I needed a new outfit I also found out that most of my year at school were coming to my birthday party it was luckily the day before my seventeenth and to be fair I was bricking it. I was excited for the party as i needed to have a bit of fun. Me and Reece had arranged to meet up and go to the shopping centre since he was back from Scotland to buy a new outfit for my seventeenth but not without the help of Reece and the boys still hated him but would let me be around him sometimes.. I had saved up £120 for the shopping spree for my birthday outfit and had borrowed some money off of the lads for the train fair. met up with Reece at the end of the street and off we went to do something we do best for my house party.

Me and Reece walked into the massive shopping centre called Meadowhall. It was quiet as we had chosen to go later . I went to New Look and bought a nice blue skater dress with little bird patterns across it. I paid for my dress and went over to Primark. Buying a new pair of black wedges since someone threw up all over my old ones at party a couple of months ago. I bought some flower earings and a necklace to match my outfit.

We moved onto Reece's shopping as he wanted some new clothes for the party. We wandered went into Hollister getting him a button up shirt and some black skinny jeans and I bought some Hollister spray whilst I was waiting for Reece. On our way back to the train station. We stopped at Starbucks to get a drink. I ordered my favourite and handed in my CV so i could get a job.Even though my family are vampires i need my own money, even though i might not ever start the job But, Finally, the man behind the counter gave me a time for a job interview. I thanked him and took the drink to mine and Reece's seats.

We sat down and Reece turned to me after talking to the waiter that he had thought was very nice and said. "Soo I hear you bro and his mates don't edzactly like me" he asked. I chuckled shaking my head to confirm his suspicions. He nodded. "So I don't have a chance with your brother or anyone of them" he asked. I laughed "Nope Reece they don't like werewolves and your do know they're not gay Reece remember that and they're not getting into relationships they say it's bad on their image or something" I carried on laughing. He nodded making a pretend sad face. I looked at my watch to see we had 5 minutes until our train left. "Reece! Quick our Train will be here any minute." I exclaimed. We grabbed out stuff and started sprinting threw the shopping centre we jumped on the train just in time thank God. As always the train ride was awkward

We walked from the train station all the way to the other side of town with our bags which tired my feet out and the bags were heavy , I left Reece at the end of his street and I walked a couple of streets and down a long road until i finally got into the house. Why Louis has to live in the middle of nowhere i don't know. I Sighed i seem to do that a lot lately. I was tired, i was sweaty and I was late. "Bailey?!?! Is that you??" I heard Louis scream. "Yes Lou I'm home sorry I'm late" I quickly apologized for my lateness as i was too tired to argue.

He walked through the kitchen door Ashton close behind. "So let's see what you got" Louis squealed. That boy is not normal. "Nope it's a surprise" I stuck my tongue out running upstairs before I closed my door I heard Louis say "It better not be inappropriate." I giggled at his over protective mode as i turned the turning the shower on.

I had a quick shower, the stresses of school and general life washing away with the dirt from my skin and hair. I washed my hair and shaved before grabbing my towel and getting out. I pulled on my undergarments and pulled my giant rugby top over my head .Tomorrow, will be fun. I hope. I jumped onto my head but suddenly heard a knock on my window. I walked over to see Niall sat on the roof. I opened it and he jumped in. "You know there's always a door Ni" I pointed out. "Yes but it's a lot more 'Romeo and Juliet' when I come through your window don't you think and Louis would still kill me if he saw me walk towards your room aha" he explained. I giggled and silently agreed, yawning from my tiredness. I turned off the light and laying on the bed. Niall took off his jacket and changed into his pyjamas before laying on the other side of me. I cuddled up to his bare chest before giving him a quick kiss then falling into a deep sleep that I had being waiting for.

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