Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

*Niall's P.O.V*

I woke up this morning thinking about what Louis said. I need to get his trust. He needs to trust me to let me go out with his beautiful sister.

*Bailey's P.O.V*

I woke up this morning wondering where niall had gone. Maybe one of the lads came in last night. I'm going to train today I've decided. I got didn't bother with a shower since I would need one when I got back. I changed into sweatpants and my nirvana tank top. I grabbed my Adidas trainers and my pink and blue FIFA football.

My ear phones and phone were in my pocket. Binkys back off holiday today I'll go and see her when I've come back find out why she went with such short notice. I ran downstairs to see all the lads in the kitchen I sighed under my breath. "No need to sigh Bailey" I heard Harry's voice from the kitchen. I walked in "There's every reason to sigh" I answered back. I sauntered up to Louis. "Can I have a pound please" I asked in my very board Yorkshire accent. Louis reached into his black skinny jeans pocket pulling out a pound. I picked it up from his hand putting it in my pocket. Then the all important question came. " Where are you going" They asked. "Training got a football match soon" I explained. " Who with" Liam asked. " By myself but I might meet Reece since we've finished school." I said. They eyed me before nodding. I grabbed my ball looking up to see them all looking at me. "You want to come don't you" I asked. They nodded. I rolled my eyes "fine, hurry up were meeting Reece there and were running their" I said sitting down. Five Minutes later. they came running Down stairs sweats and t-shirts intact. I walked out the door, and started jogging. I heard the lads behind me, and I stopped at the shop on the corner. I bought two energy drinks stuffing them into my bag with my football. The lads were stood outside the shop. I smiled at them and started jogging again about half an hour later I was at the stadium. Keepmoat , Doncaster Rover's stadium.

I ran in pressed my I.D card to the machine the door opened I walked in with the lads hot on my heels.

I said morning to James the security guard and explained to him who the lads were he told me Reece was already here. I went into the changing rooms pulling my football shirt over my head and pulling it down. I walked out and told the lads to sit in the stands.

We walked into the main stadium and I saw Reece kicking a ball into the net.

"REECE" I shouted ,running up to him. He turned around and I jumped on him, he hug me spinning us around. He's my boy Best friend and I haven't seen him in two weeks. I kissed his cheek. Reece isn't exactly athletic so this will be fun. "Reece?" I asked. "Yes" he said in his slightly deep voice. I pushed him and said "Catch Me" running off. I was sprinting around the pitch and he was close behind me we came to a metal pole and I jumped over it running onto the pitch. I looked behind me to see Reece going to jump over the metal pole. But it didn't work out for him and he face planted. I burst out laughing "oh my god" I laughed. Reece groaned in pain.

The lads ran out the stand looking at what had happened and burst out laughing. Reece got up looking at me like he was going to kill me. I ran away across the pitch laughing he caught me and we fell to the ground ending with me and him head butting each other. I groaned in pain but laughed again. He got up helping me up. we hugged each other laughing. I looked over at the lads and they were eyeing us why does everyone think something going on between us I don't know.

Me and Reece got threw a lot of training , a lot of the time, Reece tripped up and fell over at one point I fell on top of him and we bumped heads. I grabbed my water bottle to take a sip. Then I felt ice cold water hit my back. I turned around to see Reece laughing holding his water bottle. We both had 2 litre bottles. I stood up my mouth open. Then I threw some back at him and he screamed. I started laughing at his girly scream. Then he threw some more at me I looked at him pissed off. He took off running, I ran after him screaming his name. I jumped on his back and three the water over his head. I tried running but he wrapped his arm around my waist throwing his water over my head. We Laughed so much and I could hear the lads laughing in the distance.

We decided to go and get changed, to head to Binky's . I grabbed my normal shirt putting it on I need a shower badly. I walked out waiting for Reece.I heard the lads come through the door. "Waiting for lover boy Bailey" Louis cooed. " He's my best mate there's nothing going on" I grumbled. Reece ran through the door. "Finally the drama Queen arrives" I laughed at Reece. He smiled and made a pose that said I'm a diva. We laughed on the way home me and Reece dropped into Binkys. She was OK but was heading off on holiday again soon. Her family travel a lot. We walked out seeing the lads sat on the curb waiting. Then we headed home Reece parting to his house up the road. Our house is kind of in the middle of nowhere but not that far from the town maybe a 2 minute walk. I got into the house and I ran upstairs to have a shower. I got out my hair still wet and a mess I got dressed into a pair of shorts and a polo shirt. Finally I felt clean.

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