Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Bailey's P.O.V

I groaned. I was still on the sofa. I could tell without opening my eyes. I groaned again throwing my head into the pillow and saying. "Fuck Me" I still had a head ace. "Stop swearing Bailey" I heard Louis voice. I pulled myself up off the sofa standing up nearly toppling over. I bent down in pain and in a flash Louis and Zayn were by my side. I flinched. "I'm fine" I said. "You Sure" Zayn asked. I nodded. "Anyway i stink so I'm going for a shower" i mumbled. I wobbled towards the stairs then stopped. "Louis whys Zayn here?" I asked confused. "Zayn and Niall, Calum and Luke , will be here a lot more." Lou explained. "Okay that's not confusing" I answered back walking up the stairs. I got to the top and just laid on the floor. "Bailey you can't have a shower their" Harry Laughed. I put my thumbs up lifting my head up groaning and pulling myself off the floor like a wet rag.

I got a shower. I have football practise. oh i didn't say i joined the football team. I washed my hair and myself. I got out dressing in my football kit. I got my jeans and floral top from my wardrobe folding them up and putting them into my sports bag. I grabbed my Football boots and put them in my bag and my goalie gloves. I walked downstairs putting my Adidas superstars on. "Louis I'm going to football practise see you later lads." I shouted, "Wait Bailey" Louis shouted. "What" I whined. "Be careful" He said kissing my forehead. I walked out shaking my head.

*Football Practise*

Me and Binky had decided to come to football together and she's going to stay at mine tonight. We are now officially what you would call best friends. Football practise was long and fun i had a laugh with the other team mates. and now it's the end. I grabbed my spare clothes going into the showers in the changing rooms. I got a shower and put on my clothes. I walked out waiting for Binky. She soon came running out. I started laughing at her because she was struggling with her hair.

When she got to me she slapped me in the face lightly. "Don't laugh" She laughed. I still laughed though. "Come on" I groaned. The walk home was hilarious but then there was a gust of wind past us. Binky sensed it because she recently discovered she was a witch. We both looked at each other. "Vampire" She whispered. I nodded. I reached into my sports bag. You think Louis would let me out by myself unarmed. I grabbed hold of my stake. Thank god i have it. We have magic and strength well a stake.

Suddenly, The vampire was stood in front of us letting a gust of wind blow onto us from its speed. "Don't you smell like the sweetest thing ever" He chuckled darkly. "And we have desert" He laughed looking at Binky. His eyes turned a deep blood red colour and he leaped at me like a jaguar after its pray but i dodged him i was always the best at dodge ball at school thank god. Binky did a spell and he was on his knees in pain clutching his head. Binky punched him in the face and there was a crack id hate that to be my nose. I kicked him and he fell backwards onto the floor. I grabbed the stake and plunged it into his rock solid heartless heart. Blood covered me and Binky like we had being sprayed with a hosepipe. Great. I stood up. "Well that's messy but it was.... interesting" I laughed. "That was so fun" Binky laughed. Me and Binky were still covered in the vampires blood as we got to my house i wonder what Louis and the boys has got to say about this. "Binky before we go in i need to tell you something" I said i was nervous i hope she takes it ok. "What?" She looked unsure. "My brother and his friends their well their erm...." I stuttered i didn't know how to say it. "No seriously" She looked shocked i think she had guessed. "Yep don't be scared their nice" I rushed before she started freaking out or something. "Ok well erm that's on your word if their anything bad I'll actually really freak out" She laughed. I laughed. " I can't believe were still covered in blood" I pulled a face at our blood covered selves. "Ye shower in your house right?" Binky asked. "Obviously" I laughed. I wonder what my brother and the others have to say about this.

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