Chapter 35

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Hey Guys, sorry I haven't updated but I finally have now yayy theirs being problems at home and I'd like to make a shout out to a good friend of mine Ashton_66377 go and read one of her two books no doubt they are both amazing. So here we go.

Chapter 35:

(Baileys P.O.V)

I had decided to go for a walk to think about the life I was now living it had being a week and I still couldn't remember a thing about Niall. I keep trying to clear my head and think but nothing comes to mind. I've grown to trust Niall a lot more  other the last days and he's told me a few memories that I had to giggle at. I sat on the banking where the quiet lake was placed in the middle of the green forest. I looked down at the water I saw a stick and grabbed it. I went to throw it into the water but as I swung my hand the water moved. What the heck. I did it again and it caused waves on the lake. What? Why is this happening?. I did it again I couldn't believe it. I scrambled backwards .What the hell. I can control water. I saw a rock and laid my hand flat. I thought about it being in my hand and it soon lifted from the ground and drifted into my hand. I can control earth. What the I started to freak out and the wind started blowing. I calmed myself down and the wind stopped .I can control air. I was beyond scared now. I clenched my fist and imagined fire and when I unclenched my fist a ball of fire was in my hand. I can control fire. I had powers as people would say the powers of the elements. What the hell was wrong with me. I stood up dusting the dry muck off of my coat. I couldn't tell anyone, I didn't want anyone to know.

*3 days later*

I was sat alone in the kitchen a glass of water in front of me. The lads had noticed something off with me since I got back from the lake that day but I denied any such thing.  I texted Emily telling her everything and she said she would help me as she had asked her granddad about it. I concentrated on the water as I lifted my hand up the water coming out of the glass and making little droplets into the air.

"So this is what your hiding" I heard an Irish accent whisper in my ear. I turned around in shock the water dropping onto the floor making it wet.

I turned around his face was so close to mine. I smiled. "Yes please don't tell anyone" I begged. He chuckled " I won't" being this close to him felt right. It felt weird but right. I soon found ourselves leaning in. I felt his breathe on my lips, I pulled away quickly. "I-I'm sorry I just I can't remember you. I-I'm confused Niall" I said tearing up. A tear slid down my face and he whipped it away. "It's Ok princess I understand I know you'll remember one day. I still love you" he whispered. He placed my head on his chest as he comforted me. He told me he had to leave to hunt a few minutes later so I stood up running into the dining room. I felt arms around my waist and I looked up to see Luke. "What are you doing?" I asked him. "Just having cuddles before you remember him." He said I guess this 'him' was Niall. I furrowed my eyebrows. "What?" I asked confused. "I like you Bailey, I have ever since I met you but he got their first." He said stroking my cheek. "Oh" I whispered. He pushed me against the wall and kissed me. "Luke get off" I tried saying. I heard the door slam and saw Niall with wide eyes. Luke looked at me and smirked. Nialls face was hurt as he ran out. "NIALL!" I screamed and I heard Luke chuckle as he held me . I slapped him around the face. "You Dick" I shouted and things in the room started to shake. His face turned into anger as he threw me to the other side of the room knocking me out as I hit the wall. I don't love Luke and I never will. Then images flashed through my head. It was me and Niall the memories came back. They were like videos how could I forget this then I saw Luke in my dream he looked into my eyes and told me to forget him when I woke up, That Bastard he made me forget him how could he and now I've ruined everything with me and niall well, Luke has. The one and only Luke Hemmings had killed


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