Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

*Bailey's P.O.V*

I'd finally come out of my slumber. To find Niall still laid beside me. Louis wouldn't be happy. Oh wait. I don't care. I pulled myself of my bed my cast on my arm making my arm ace. I jumped into the shower finally feeling clean and ran to my wardrobe. I pulled on my black leggings and my Starbucks T-shirt putting my hair in a messy bun pulling my black vans onto my feet and grabbing my leather jacket. I ran out of my room and down the stairs being quiet it was about half 6 I know all too early for a normal person. I didn't want to wake them up. I couldn't be bothered with them. I put my phone on the side I'm not taking that with me. I grabbed my keys and ran out the door. I'll teach Louis for hurting me.

I walked down the road plugging my earphones into my iPod and pressing play. Ed Sheeran was playing threw my earphones when a gust of wind struck me. I turned around to be faced with a red eyed beast. Vampire. He ran towards me but I ducked quickly as he tripped flying back up. He looked at me with a smirk. "The special one then" he chuckled. My eyes widened as he jumped at me knocking me onto the floor. Oh great. He tried biting me but I pushed him away. Running into the end of an alleyway stupid idea. I grabbed hold of my necklace. "Please help please help" I repeated. Soon there was a light in my hand what the hell. I pushed it out towards the vampire and he shot across the alleyway landing as a pile of dust at the end what the fuck.

I picked myself up dusting myself off. I looked at the pile of dust shaking my head. What the hell. I carried in down the street it was at least half 7 now. I ran to Binky's house knocking on the door. No answer. Oh she was on another trip. I crossed the road and knocked on Reece's door. He soon opened. "We need to talk" I said. He nodded walking out. We walked for a while until we got to the park. "So you're a wolf?" I asked him. "Yes it's kind of something to do with my family. So your family are vampires?" He smiled. I nodded giggling. "Ye and they really don't like you" I giggled. He chuckled." Trust me its normal". I nodded. "I heard and they'll know I've being with you and they're going to kill me because I don't have my phone" I groaned. He laughed. "Your fault not mine ahaha" he answered. I gasped. " I thought you loved me" I joked. For the rest of the day we messed about until it got to about 8 o'clock now they would be worried about where I was. Reece looked at me looking sad. "What's up Reece?" I asked. He sighed. "My family found out about me and your brother and his friends fighting and well they want us to leave this town for a week were leaving tomorrow to Scotland" He explained. I gasped. Hugging him. "I'll miss you Sam" I whispered. "I'll miss you to lass" He laughed.

Me and Sam sat on the giant field that was empty from all kids and other people. We talked about more personal stuff like best friends do and talked about Binky finally coming home. Now Binkys not around as much Reece is my only friend apart from Ashton and Michael. I looked at my watch half past 11 oh no. I heard a growl in my ear and I turned to see Reece looking into the dark forest area. "Their someone here Bailey" He whispered. There was a whoosh and we were surrounded by.....

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