Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

(Bailey's P.O.V)

I had woken up this morning, Yesterday it felt normal I didn't once think about the vampire situation but then that got me thinking about my birthday it was in two weeks Time which meant it was nearly time for me to change. I was scared. I didn't know if it hurt or not or if it would. I was too scared to find out.

I finally, pulled myself out of bed. Grabbing towels and running into the bathroom. I did my business having a shower, but as I got out I cut my hand on a razor. I made a small noise as it stung but the blood was coming out pretty fast and there was quite a lot of it. I kept my hand over the sink as I pulled my underwear and pyjama shorts and top. I didn't know what to do I was in a house full of vampire's what am I meant to do. There was a puddle of blood forming on my hand. As soon as one drip touched the sink. There was a bang downstairs and I heard a whoosh.

The blood was dripping into the sink then there was a bang on the door and Louis shot threw. He stood in front of me, his eyes red. He grabbed my hand pulling it up to his face, he put it to his mouth and drank. What was wrong with him. I pulled my hand away. He looked up his eyes like black pools. He pushed me against the wall. Oww. Then he dug his fangs into my neck. I screamed louder than ever. but none came.

Suddenly, A window smashed and a dog like figure came shooting into the room pulling Louis off me. Jesus it's a werewolf. It fort Louis off finally breaking his neck making him unconscious. The werewolf shifted turning into Reece. The lads ran in looking at Reece. "Dog" They said together. Liam started walking towards Reece but I jumped in front of him. "He saved my life Louis was attacking me" I explained. Then Niall burst through the door and looked at me then Reece and ran forward shoving Reece into the wall. Niall got into Reece's face screaming "What did you do!!". I went to grab Niall by his shoulder but he pushed me backwards into a wall. I hit my head pretty hard. So much for a normal life.

*Reeces's P.O.V*

I heard a scream when I was in my wolf form on the woods and i tracked it to Bailey's house, She's my best friend and always will be. I jumped through the window. Pulling Bailey's brother off of her and throwing him into the wall. Louis started attacking me so I snapped his neck to put him out of it for a while.

I ran up to Bailey shifting into my human form checking she was OK. she was bleeding a little from Louis biting her. The door slammed open and 4 other vampire boys walked through. Liam I think one of them is called looked at me and muted "Dog" He came towards me and I got up ready to fight but Bailey jumped in front of me."He saved my life Louis was attacking me" Bailey explained to Liam.

Suddenly, Bailey's lover boy came bursting through the door. He looked from me to Bailey then shouted. "What did you do!!" and ran towards me throwing me into a wall. ohh. he had me against the wall and I saw Bailey approach Niall as she placed her hand on Niall's shoulder he pushed her back pushing her into a wall. I looked shocked as Niall's head turned looking at what he had just done to the girl he is meant to love. I stood up a smirk clear on my face. "I will always have her trust Niall remember that I'm not the one that just hurt her you are" I said harshly before jumping back through the window. Bailey's my best friend no one Hurt's my best friend not even her brother.

*Niall's P.O.V*

what was that dog scum doing in this house Louis was on the floor his neck clearly being snapped. but I hurt Bailey I hurt the person I'm meant to love. I walked up to her touching her shoulder but she flinched away, She looked at me holding her bruised arm tears in her eyes. she was hurt I could tell. "i-i"-She cut me off. " No, just don't" she said shoving by me and walking out her room Ashton followed with Michael. What have I done this was that dog's fault who is he.

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