Chapter 14

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Chapter 14:

Bailey's P.O.V

I sat down next Binky and explained everything but just ended it with ."I don't really know what's going on I'm just a bit lost in it all really" with a cheeky Smile. "OK I'll believe you for now I suppose" Binky said giggling. I started laughing. "I have something to tell you as well" She said pulling my bag back to stop me from standing up. "What is it" I asked, "Well my grandma has being saying that I'm a witch but I thought she was crazy and yesterday at was at my nanas and she told me to read something out of a old book I thought it was stupid but I did and all the candles in the room all the flames went really big " She whispered. "Seriously" I asked not knowing if i should believe her or not. "Yes look " she said holding her hand above her pen and she whispered some words probably Italian or something and the pen started spinning. I gasped. "Wow" I whispered. So this is what Niall meant by their something else "I know cool right" she giggled. i giggled and muttered it's amazing and then we went our sepret ways.

The School day finally ended and i walked out of the school doors and down the path and into the woods. To get to the path to get home since i decided to walk.

Suddenly i bumped into someone. I looked up to see Nialls friend Zayn i think that's what he's called. I sure he doesn't go to school. "Sorry" I said going to walk past him  but he stopped me. "Its Fine and before you go I'm Zayn Niall's friend you are as beautiful as he says when i actually get to see you" He says. I rolled my eyes "Leave me alone" I say trying to walk off but he grabs my arm dragging me back "Not so fast, Come on let me have a little taste since i can only bite if you allow me and can't just attack you in a street" He says tint if red coming to his eyes. "Just get away from me" I say trying to get past but he wouldn't move to let me pass . "Come on just a quick taste" He pleaded grabbing hold of my hand . "No Leave me alone" I say ripping my hand away from his. "Please I'll leave u afterwards " He says. I was getting annoyed so i gave up "OK Fine just be careful" I say. He grins widely and leans down to my neck.

Soon enough his fangs are stuck in my neck and he's sucking my blood. He moans as he carries on sucking my blood i started to feel weak. "Zayn. Stop" I aid shoving him but he pushed his head further in my neck. "Zayn, Please" I whispered.  All of a sudden Niall appears and rips Zayn off me throwing him into a tree. "What are you doing Louis' going to kill you" Niall shouts anger clear in his voice "Come on bro just having some fun with the new girl, I'm having my share before u have it to yourself" He says. Cheeky Bastard.  Soon enough Zayn is launching himself at me again. Fear struck my heart like a lightning bolt. I scream but Niall pushes him to the ground. "RUN" Niall Shouts.

I ran as fast as i could but once again  bump into someone, i fall to the floor with a bump, holding my neck tightly trying to stop the bleeding. I look up to see it was Niall he hands me a necklace and says "I will come and see you tonight i promise" He says pretty quickly kissing my cheek and running off vampire speed probably back to sought out Zayn.

I hold my neck tightly again as i was getting weaker  and continue running then i hit a tree well i though it was a tree and looked up to see.........

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