Chapter 29

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Chapter 29:

Bailey's P.O.V

We were surrounded by. The boys. Well some of them as in. Calum, Luke ,Zayn, Harry and Liam. They didn't look happy at all. I looked to my side Reece had disappeared thank god. They would of killed him.

"WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEING ALL DAY!!" Liam screamed. If this is how Liam's reacting I'm scared to find out how Louis and Niall are going to react. Harry smelt the air" and with a dog!!" Harry screamed. "His name is Reece " I stated being cocky. That made them angrier. Harry and Liam grabbed me dragging me back threw the Forrest area.

*Louis P.O.V*

I woke up and Bailey wasn't here I looked through the house asking all the boys to search their rooms. She wasn't in the house. I left it 5 hours and she didn't turn up. It was now half 8 at night. Where was she. I decided I'd ring her. It started to ring and then I heard her ringtone. 'Dickhead on the phone I repeat dickhead on the phone' I'm going to kill her for that ringtone. I vampire speeded into the kitchen picking up her phone the bastard I slammed down her phone on the island in the middle of the kitchen. I worried for another hour. Before I gathered the boys in the kitchen

"Right guys I'll wait here with Niall ,Michael and Ashton. You go and search for her" They nodded running out. Ashton grabbed my shoulder. "She'll be fine mate trust me." Be reassured me. "Yes and when she gets home she will know about it" I answered I was not in the mood.

*3 hours Later*

The door slammed open. And the lads pilled in. Harry and Liam dragging Bailey in with them. I smelt the air. I smell dog. I'm not happy. I stormed up to her. "Where the hell have your being!!!" I screamed in her face. "None of your business, idiot" she muttered back. "And with a dog. I thought you loved Niall" I shouted back. Oops I went there. "He's my best friend , he's gay and don't bring that into this I love Niall more than anything. I love him more than you." She exclaimed. Oh bitch. " I'm your brother how dare you" I shouted. "Excuse me last time I checked he didn't nearly kill me!!" She screamed. OK she got me good. "Go to your room you're no sister of mine" I screamed my eyes glowing read. Oh shit. She looked at me tears in her eyes. Shit. I didn't mean that. "Good" she whispered running upstairs. The my world broke down. What have i done.

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