Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Bailey's P.O.V

I'm out with Binky after i'd run out of the house i met up with Binky and told her everything. I have to go back soon though because if i don't they will come looking for me. We walked a while longer i walked Binky to end of her street and walked into the shop bought marshmallows and Chocolate fudge cake and headed off home. They better of sorted their shit when i get home.

I walked through the door and it was quiet. I walked into the dining room it was tidy and still silence. Then i walked into the kitchen no one here. I shrugged it off taking out the chocolate fudge cake and stuck it into the microwave i gave it 2 minutes i grabbed the marshmallows and put some on the top and put it back in the microwave for another 3 minutes and took it out. I sat down with a fork and started eating it. I heard the back door open. I didn't know what or who it was i grabbed a knife and walked towards the door. As they walked through the door. i stabbed them they fell to the floor. i opened my eyes to see i had stabbed ......... Harry.

I gasped "Oh my god I'm so sorry" he stood up pulling the knife out of his stomach and putting it on the table. He looked at me pissed off. "I'm sorry" i said. He sighed angrily taking his shirt off. There was blood all across and down his stomach, it was healing slowly. I tried not to laugh. " Come On Danger mouse" he whispered. I picked up my fudge cake and my fork and walked behind him. He opened the back door and the Tomlinson group and the Horan group were discussing something. They looked up as we walked through the door, they didn't see me. They gave harry a questioning look " what happened to you??" Louis asked confused. " Ask your sister" he answers moving to the side so everyone saw me. " What happened" Louis sighed. " I stabbed him i thought he was a burglar or something." i said shrugging my shoulders they started laughing. I went to sit on the chair beside Niall but ended up being dragged to the one next to Louis. "A house full of vampires and you were worried about Robbers." Harry stated. i nodded. They all chuckled to their selves. I grabbed my fork and carried on eating my chocolate fudge cake. It's so nice.

I got up " I'll go get you another shirt harry and Niall can i talk to you" i asked. Harry smiled wow that's rare and Niall nodded he went to get up but Louis sat him back down. i sighed and rolled my eyes. Liam kicked him and gave him the eyes and he let go of Niall. Niall got up and followed me. We made small talk on the way to Harry's room. I grabbed a shirt from his wardrobe and we went back downstairs. As i got to the backdoor i started listening to what they were saying as Niall listened too. "Louis you said you will go along with this idea. If they let them together she needs a life. Before she's gets her magic and might turn into a vampire you didn't tell her did you. that when you said immortal you meant she could end up a vampire did you." I heard Liam explain. I froze. I don't want to be a vampire. I can't live like a vampire i just can't. And what the hell MAGIC I fell to the floor fainting from shock.

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