Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Bailey's P.O.V

Louis asked for my phone and i gave it him. He played around with it and then lifted the phone to his ear. The ID caller said Niall. Oh great. I went to grab my phone. but he pushed me away. " LOUIS" I shouted. He lifted his finger to his lips and went 'Shhhhh'. " Niall its Louis. Bring your friends be here for 5. Bye" Louis hung up and gave me my phone back. " You're not allowed to be with Niall you know? i won't allow it" Louis explained. i just . He cuddles me to his side. "You're a good sister" He chuckled. " I know i am". I smiled at him. He laughed. "Funny" he commented. " I know i am" I said while giving him a cheesy grin. I walked off and got a shower got changed sorted out my hair and headed downstairs.

"They're going to be here in 10 minutes and we haven't cooked anything Bailey help Ashton in the kitchen" Louis ordered rushing about i don't know why he hates Niall and his 'group' I walked into the kitchen Ashton didn't have a clue. He stood looking in the fridge a look of 'wtf' on his face.

"Ashton should we order and pretend we cooked it?" I asked him. He nodded smiling thankful of my genius. We rang them up and ordered pizza and chips.

Then the doorbell rang. I ran for the door to be pulled back by Harry and Liam. They put me a little behind them but in the middle of them. Ashton ran in with Michael ,and we all stood in a line. Louis opened the door and their stood the four boys. Niall, Luke, Calum and Zayn. I felt the tension it was like it was dripping from the walls. Louis invited them in and they walked in cautiously. I caught a glance with niall and smiled. I looked down to hide the blushing forming red circles on my cheeks. They walked towards us. Harry and Liam pushed me backwards. I stood there in my rolling stones vest top and my black skinny jeans with red vans on my feet. They shook hands with the other lad and gave me a long glance. They weren't allowed to touch me, probably another rule of stupid Louis. I ran into the kitchen on Ashton's back. There were two sides at the dinner table the 'Tomlinson's' on one side which id be sat on and the 'Horan's' on the other side. Well this is Awkward we sat there in silence, me and Ashton waiting for the pizza. Ashton tapped me. I got up and walked to the door. Getting confused faces off the lads. Opening it before the delivery man knocked. I paid for the food and got the 4 pizza's and the chips. "Ashton" I whispered. He came running in. Now that's going to look weird i walked out then a few minutes later Ashton did. "Distract them while i take the food in" I Whispered. He nodded. We got to the entrance of the room .Ashton made a pointless joke as i ran into the kitchen. We put the food on plates. "Dinner's ready" I shouted. Me and Ashton took the plates with food on into the dining room and set them down in the middle of the table and sat down.

We started to eat, the tension is really annoying me. "So you guys eat human food?" i asked. Trying to break the unwanted awkward silence and the death glares being sent to each other. "Yep just not as much especially when we can drink warm blood." Zayn stated. "Zayn" Louis warned. "What you going to do she asked" Zayn threatened. "We can kick you out of our house " Louis argued back, "You're the one that invited us here" Luke Niall's friend argued. "Only so i can sought out the stuff between each other because of my sister" Louis shouted. "Oh really and you just fantastic at least try to be friends" I shouted at Louis. Zayn started laughing. " Oh you think it's funny" Louis exclaimed towards Zayn. Zayn and Louis stood up the chairs flying backwards and as they did Liam and Harry did, Then Luke and Niall, And Michael and Ashton, Louis went to punch Zayn, But Niall caught his arm. He pushed Niall into the wall and punched Zayn. I pushed my chair backwards standing up. "Will you just get along" I shouted walking out of the room clear face of I'm pissed off. " Your Pathetic" I shouted grabbing my black leather jacket. I was tucking my shoelaces in to walk out when Louis ran in. "Bailey please I'm sorry come on stay" He begged. " No. I'm sick of it I'm nearly eighteen sought it out while I'm not here" I said angrily. "Bailey please." he begged. " No. I'm going out" I said slamming the door in his face. I walked down the street slamming the houses gate behind me and walking down the street.

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