Jenna Marbles/Shane Dawson.

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Okay, so this is quotes from two people who have youtube accounts and post videos, which are very popular if I'm not mistaken, this page is for the clearly awesome just by her username 'spreadthekarma', so this was requested by her and hope you like it hun :) *Oh, btw I did get these from a website so if they're wrong it is completely not my fault :D*

Jenna Marbles Quotes:

"I don't give a flying pretzel in skittle rainbow hell what your problem is right now"

"Do you think I give a llama skinned condom about that?" - That is awesome! xD

"Now I'm not going to lie, but 96% of my game is that I'm f*cking gorgeous, and sing like an angel sliding down a rainbow."

"I just wanted to let you know that if I die and then maybe you die we will have a ghost party and I would make you all of your favorite flavor jello shots and we would get ghost face wasted because that’s how much I love you."

"Glasses are for douchebags"

"I was born from my mothers butt hole..which was cool and different"

"Vaginal birth is for people who want to play by the rules"

"Ok so, my friend Joe, we were walking and saw a FAT guy jogging in a tube top, eating a pink donut, wearing shorty shorts that looked like he was naked! My day couldent get better! LMAO!" - This is from her facebook page.

"99.9 of the time I will talk to anyone who comes up to me and I'm super nice... but as soon as your penis touches my butthole without me knowing... I am not happy"

"Excuse me miss can you spare a dollar? Ummm no I can't, I'm broke as f*ck and you smell like p*ss"

"And if you DON'T like animals and puppies and kitties and stuff like that, well enjoy the rest of your life.... without a soul"

Shane Dawson Quotes:

"Be you. And say f*ck you to anybody that doesn't like that"

"If anybody doesn't like you because you have an extra jelly roll, f*ck them. I'll like you even more."

"Did you look under the bed? -chuckles- no Shane, there is monsters under there, I do not want to die."

‎''That bitch better have a bubble butt!''

‎"Hopefully just knowing that I love you and I care makes you feel a bit better; or creeped out...either way youre feeling something!"

"OMG,I just had a vision that I'm going to spend the rest of my life alone"
"That's not a vision, that's common sence bitch"
"Shut up, mom"

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