The McFly Boys!

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Tom Fletcher:

  "Danny once slapped me with a wet dressing gown, it killed!"

  "We're going to strip Dougie and draw all over his face"

  "I think Dougie should try and be normal"

  "I've got a droopy lip, it makes me quite a good kisser"

  Interviewer : "It must be pretty cool to say 'Hey I’m Tom from McFly’"

  Tom: "It’s better than saying ‘Hey I’m Harry from McFly’ "

  Danny Jones:

  "I'm dopey, but the band think I'm thick" (Erm... same thing!)

  "Dougie's the most rattiest rat I've ever met"

  "We have all these stolen traffic cones and road signs. It's wicked!"

  "I'm always catching farts and throwing them at people. I do it to Dougie"

  "I feel like I'm married to Tom"

  "I love it when you fly in and Santa flies past you"

  "A length isn't a mesurment, a length is however long it is from one side to the other" *facepalm* 

Dougie Poynter:

  "I'm going to start collecting trolls"

  "I'd like to be in a pornography"

  "I have a Mohawk coming out of my crack"

  "That's a really awkward question, cause we're not, we're divas"

  "I like the M.E.N awards.... because it spells 'Men'" -giggles-

  "I once fell in love with a crab on the beach. It was called Crab."

  "I wish I was three years old again, because you could walk around with snot dribbling all over you face and it was 'cute',"

  "Everyone has their own Tom Fletcher, I was just unlucky enough that mine was real”

Harry Judd:

  "The kinky bitch... not bitch, sorry" -Talking about Britney Spears-

   "I like to hug Dougie a lot. If no one knew us any better they'd think we were a couple."

   "It's hard to descirbe love"

   "I'm getting all camp for this!"

   Q: "What was your favourite moment in the band?"

   Harry : "When I was brought to a f*cking haunted castle"

  "Danny, stop touching my bum!"

McFly Conversation:

Dougie: "Can you swear here, are you allowed to swear?.... Dog b-ollocks... cow-cum" (I think he just says 'Dog Bollock's')

Tom: "Dougie"

Dougie: "Okay, I'll stop that"

Tom: "Say it like, normal swearing, not something rude or disgusting"


 Dougie: "Imagination mate...actually that's incorrect, cows are all female, right?"

 Danny: "Cows are all female?....Oh yeah"


Interveiwer: "Who do you think is the hottest in the group?"
Danny: "This always starts big arguements because we all think each one of us"
Tom: "We almost broke up once because of it."
Danny: "I don't think I am"
Harry: "I don't think you are"
Tom: "I dont think you ever were"
Danny: "I think I was in the early days"
Tom: "I don't think you were" - Given to me by TMIYNALH5, and I don't think that's a question at all, clearly the only reason Dougie isn't there is because everyone KNOWS he's the hottest. 

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