Eric Northman (True Blood)

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After ripping apart a human: "Is there blood in my hair?"

Lafayette who's chained up: "Yeah, there's a little blood in there, yeah" - Scared out of his mind.

Eric - "This is a disaster, Pam is going to kill me"


Eric to Sookie - "You surpirse me, and that is a rare quality in a breather"

Sookie - "You disgust me"

Eric - "Well, perhaps I'll grow on you" - grins in his sexy way.

Sookie - "I'd prefer cancer" 


Eric speaking to a lady who has just healed Sookie - "It's always a pleasure working with you"

Old healer lady - "F*ck off!"

Bill - "Clearly the pleasure is one sided"


Eric to Bill as they sit in a bar - "I hope you enjoy your blood substitue that is costing me forty-five dollars" - talking about True Blood-

Bill - "Oh I have no intention of drinking it I justed wanted you to pay for it"

Eric - "Oh you're so mature..." in his hot brooding way.


Pam - "You make me so glad I never had any of you" - talking about little kids who ask to see Eric's fangs.

Eric - "Oh come on Pam, they're funny. Like humans but miniture, teacup humans"


Eric to Bill- "If you're their poster boy, the mainstreaming movement is in very deep trouble."


Eric while looking around Merlotte's - "Wow. This place is even more depressing than I thought it'd be."


Sookie During Sookie's Dream- "There's love in you"
Eric: "Only for Sookie." - Still counts even if it was a dream, it's too cute to not add.


Bill : He was already healing. The bullets would've pushed themselves out. This way he's... forced you to drink his blood.
Sookie: No! No! No! - getting to her feet-
Bill: You're connected. He'll be able to sense your emotions.
Sookie to Eric - You big lying asshole! 
Eric: Bill, I think you're right. I think I can sense her emotions... sweet.
Sookie to Eric - I'll never do anything for you again! Monster!
Bill to Sookie- It's not your fault.
Eric: I think I'm gonna cry.


Sookie slaps Eric hard:

Eric unfazed - "I'm glad you're feeling better, and may I add, that colour looks great on you."

Sookie - "Go to hell!"


Sookie - "By Eric?"

Eric instanly apearing - "Mmmm, heard my name... I hope you were speaking well of me"


Eric to Sookie - "Everyone who claims to love you: your friends, your brother, even Bill Compton; they all gave up on you. I never did."


Warrior in old Swedish to a dying Eric, on the funeral pyre - All will be well. Don't be afraid.
Eric weakly - I'm not afraid. I'm pissed off.

Bill as he leaves the Queen's house - What are you doing here?
Eric - Hopin' the Queen knows how to kick some maenad's ass.
Bill - Now why would you do that? So that you look like a hero to Sookie?
Eric smoothing his hair - Oh Billy, this paranoia is really quite unbecoming. Has she, uh, mentioned me?
Bill - No. That was really quite desperate of you. Tricking her into drinking your blood, so that she'd become attracted to you.
Eric - Unlike you, who fed her your own blood the very night you met.
Bill - How do you know that?
Eric - So you're not denying it.
Bill - I was saving her life.
Eric - Isn't that convenient.


Sookie - "Why are you even here Eric? I thought you have other things to deal with?!"

Eric - "Yeah I do and I have to think so please don't take this the wrong way but shut up"

Sookie - "Eric please I'm begging you-" Eric places his hand over her mouth and keeps walking with her in his arm.

Eric - "Thank you" grins slightly.

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