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Damon Salvatore.

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Okay, so this page was OBVIOUSLY inevitable because Damon Salvatore/Ian Somerhalder is the fittest most sexiest most bitchy man on the whole entire Earth, and us girls go weak at the knees every time he so much as does that beautiful raise-of-the-eyebrows-sarcastic-smirk look, sigh. 

Stefan: "What are you up to Damon?"

Damon: "That's for me to know and for you to, dot dot dot"

"I do believe in killing the messenger, know why? Because it sends a message" - Who couldn't love that sarcasm?? xD

Elena: "Stefan never mentioned he had a brother" 

Damon: "Well, Stefan isn't one to brag"

Damon to Stefan "Great gal, she's got spunk. You, on the other hand, look pooped"

Elena "I think you should stop with the flirty little comments and that eye thing you do"

Damon: "What eye thing? -smirks-

Mason Lockwood: "I've heard a lot of great things about you"

Damon: "Really? That's weird because I'm a dick" - Okay, at times you can't totally disagree with that, but his hotness totally outweighs his erm... dick-ness? xD

"Stefan smiles! Alert the media"

Damon to Stefan "Better watch your back, cause I may just have to go get a hero hair-do of my own and steal your Thunder"

I think this is to Stefan "You know I look at you and I see myself. A less dashing, less intelligent version"

Stefan: "Damon, don't!"

Damon: "Oh come on, no one's gonna miss this idiot"

Tyler: "Screw you dude"

Damon: "Dude? Really? Dude?"

"I need to say it once. You need to hear it: I love you Elena" - What I would do to have him saying my name instead of her's :'(

Damon to Elena about Stefan, I think: "You've successfully cured him of anything interesting about his personality"

"If I see something I haven't seen before I'll throw a dollar at it"

Vicky Donovan: "I know you"

Damon "Well, that's unfortunate"

Damon: "What's so special about this Bella girl? Edward's so whipped!"

Caroline "You gotta read the first book first. It won't make sense if you don't"

Damon: "I miss Anne Rice. She was so on it"

Damon see's Stefan with his school football uniform on: "Isn't that nice, Stefan joins the team, makes a friend, it's all so rah rah go team, yeah"

When Damon wants Caroline's necklace, Caroline "It's just a stupid necklace"

Damon: "You're the only stupid one here" - The ultimate gentleman xD

Damon: "Is she hot?" talking about Anna to Jeremy, J

eremy "Yeah but she can be kinda weird"

Damon "Hot trumps weird, truuusst me"

"Believe it or not Stefan, some girls don't need my persuassion, some girls just can't resist my good looks, my style, my charm and my unflinching ability to listen to Taylor Swift" - Then stabs his brother in the gut, slightly harsh, but a hot line xD

This isn't really a quote, but his expression while they talk makes me laugh: xD

Jenna: "He is ridiculously hot"

Elena: "Sshhhhh" Cuts to Damon who smiles widely

Elena: "He's an ass" Cuts to Damon who rolls his eyes dramatically xD I'll try and get a video and post it on the side of this, it's just too cute.

Okay, these are my favourites, if you have any to add feel free to comment, and if you have requests for other quotes, comment again, thanks for reading :D

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