My Chemical Romance Conversations.

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  Given To Me By The Awesome Rhiann1997:

  Frank: "Has Goldfinger ever seen any mooses?"

  Mikey: "That isn't the plural of moose. It's moosi."

  Gerard: "F*ck off, it's meese."

  Frank: "Has Goldfinger ever seen a flock of meese advancing on him? It's a terrifying sight. They aren't small creatures. You would just run off like a girl or a boy. What does running like a girl mean anyway?"

  Mikey: "I've seen one. I'd run like a girl for sure. They're massive. If you run over one you're f*cked. They come in through your windscreen kicking... just like in Long Kiss Goodnight! But I think it was a reindeer. Same diff."

  Bob: "People think that moose are really gentle and goofy but they aren't; they're f*cking animals."


Frank Iero and Bob Bryar:

  Bob : "Oh Gerard... Gerard, you make my heart burn."

  Frank : "It's called Gerardopoly." - In reference to Bob Bryar's solo project.


While In An Interview:

   Cat or Dog?

   Everyone: "Dog"

   Bob Bryar: "Cat" -Facepalm-


  Interviewer Lady: You're young guys... I wanna know what's your biggest turn on?

  Gerard: I'm not that young so... -Smiles Sheepishly-

  Mikey: Coke Zero

  Ray: Sleep

  Bob: Slippers.

  Frank: My fiance, that's it -All jumps on him shouting and laughing (I'm also pretty sure Mikey gets hit in the balls here- Come on! I needed to say it! I'm getting presents now!


Best Comic Book Superhero:

  Frank: Batman... uh yeah, gotta be Batman.

  Bob: Oh that's easy, Superman, because I like his cape.

  Frank: Oh come on! He's such a goody two shoes idiot, you always know what's gonna f*cking happen! Like, he's gonna get hit a couple times... and that's the thing I don't understand like-

  Bob: Maybe the Hulk.

  Frank: Ah, alright.

  Bob: Because he's green, I change it, I take it back, the Hulk... cause he will kill you.


In The Same Interview, What's the Nicest Thing Someone Has Ever Said:

  Bob: Someone said to me about a year ago, 'You look skinny'

  Frank: That is so superficial -laughs cutely-

  Bob: No, no it's not, just cause that was something that like-... I don't even know if they were being nice, wait I take that one back...

  Frank: You really should -laughs-

  Bob: No it was just funny, cause I was like... that's the first time I ever heard that before in my whole life... I take that one back.

  Frank: No, I'm telling you, it's gonna make... you know.

  Bob: Why does that sound bad? -Looks around frowning-

  Frank: Yeah, well I think, well, what about little boys that want to play drums and they look up to you then become anorexic because you say it's 'cool to be skinny'.

  Bob: It's not cool, it's just something I've tried to work on -looks slightly panicked, Frank laughs-

  Frank: Hold on, let me think -Bob hits him, walks away-


Interview lady: So, Frank, do you like porn? 

Frank: Uh... well, yeah. Who doesn't like porn though? 

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