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Flowers have an expression of countenance as much as men or animals.

I sighed in relief when I saw that he was fine. My mom gave me a weird look when she saw Aster but grieving her was silent. All this while, the doctor told me about his weak heart, his stressed mind and that he needed to relax. And all this while my mind was trying to decide what I should do? Should I just walk away? Or should I go in and meet him?

"Meet him," Aster whispered next to me like she could read my mind.


"Meet him. This was a chance given to you by God. Not everyone gets a chance like this. Make amends before it's too late." There was a familiar reflection of pain in her eyes.

I wanted to know her reason for pain but then I thought over what she said.

"I am scared." I confided in her feeling like a wuss.

What will she think of me now?

"I know. But there is no one braver than you that I know off. If you want I can be with you inside?" She was doing this for me.

She was being the pillar of support for me, she was being my ray of hope here.

I walked in and she held on to my hand.

"Kyler." His tired, gruff tone greeted me but I was too nervous to look in his eyes.

Did he still hate me?

"And who is this beautiful lady?" He asked good-naturedly, making me look up in surprise.

He was grinning at Aster who smiled bashfully and introduced herself.

I was searching for words to say when Aster nudged me to senses.

"How are you, dad?" I choked out the words.

"Great now that I have seen you."

Where is my dad, this was not him?

"I thought I was the one you hated." I snapped and regretted because he was still sick.

"Umm..I will leave you two alone." Aster was trying to play the peacemaker.

"Stay young lady, it seems only you can put a leash on this one."

I saw Aster blush and a sudden smile crept on my face.

"Ah-it-its nothing like that." She struggled with words making my father laugh.

"You seem happy?" I asked with a frown.

"I got my son back, almost had a near death experience and all I wanted was for you to forgive me. Of course I am happy." His words made my jaw drop.

Aster was right, he didn't hate me.

"Do you still want me to join the Mob?" I asked with a little suspicion.

He chuckled.

"No, no. I don't want this pretty thing to be dragged into this shit. I will manage as long as I am here, after that I have my will that scatters the gang. You, my son, made me proud by becoming your own man." Not my dad.

"Who are you and where is my father?" I tried to say it like a joke.

"Almost losing his life made him realise how much he missed his son." He answered in a serious, heartfelt tone.

I held back the tears forming in my eyes.

"Go on, give the flowers," Aster whispered softly next to me.

"Ah, so she even persuaded to get you flowers. I like her. When are we planning the wedding?" He laughed gleefully making him short of breath.

Aster stiffened next to me when dad said wedding and I felt a pang of hurt. Did I want to marry her?

"Dad, don't scare her."

"Oh, please. She is dating a gangster's son, she is fine." From my side, we were dating but did she considered me as her boyfriend?

"Flowers dad and they symbolise stuff."

My father looked amused and I smiled mentally. I missed him damn too much and now I have him back. It will take some time to adjust back to my old self with him but I will get there. His naughty smile assured me.

"And what do they symbolise?" I told him what Aster said increasing his amusement.

Did I seem whipped to him? Maybe because I was.

"I will be back tomorrow. What would you like to eat?" I asked with a small smile.

"Can you cook dear?" He asked Aster sweetly.

"Yes, I would be honoured to cook for my boyfriend's dad." She giggled like school girl making my heart leap.

She said, boyfriend.

As we stepped outside my heart was lighter than it had been in ages. I pulled out a single flower left in my pocket and placed it her hands.

"Everlasting beauty?" She gave me sly smile with a blush.

"That and also because you make my life happy Aster." And I kissed her with all the desire I felt.

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Phew, atleast she agrees to the whole boyfriend deal! XD

How was it? Story is left of mere 6 more chapters. Jeez, I already love these guys, do you?

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