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❄"Nobody sees a flower - really - it is so small it takes time - we haven't time - and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time."❄

g l a d i o l u s

[ s y m b o l i s e s  h o n o r ,   f a i t h f u l n e s s   a n d   r e m em b r a n c e ]

"Hi, I am Amelia. How can I help you?" A familiar yet unfamiliar woman greeted me.

So this was Amelia.

"Where is Aster?" I asked surprising her.

"She left early, she had some work."

Amelia's voice clearly meant she was hiding something.

"When will she come back?"

"No idea. You must be Kyler?" She questioned with a new softness in her eyes.

"She told you about me?" I was surprised.

"She said you needed a flower arranger for an event. I can help if you want." She offered.

"Um...that will be great." I had no idea how to outright refuse her.

Don't get me wrong, I have refused people many times and that too even bluntly but she was the one source of information on Aster and I didn't want to blow it off.

"Good , then I will see you tomorrow at your office." She sounded genuinely glad about the whole deal.

Feeling a bit dejected I stepped out of the flower shop without meeting the person I wanted to meet.

I got in my car .

"Where to Sir?" my driver asked.

I thought for a moment, not in a great mood.

"Home, drive through the forest area," I instructed him in need of quiet.

Whole ride home I kept wondering, where was she? What was the work for which she left early? Why was she always in so much pain?

Suddenly my phone beeped.

And the message said, "Gladiolus, a flower that represents, faithfulness and honor."

I swear to God something weird happened and my heart skipped a beat.

I remember putting down my number in customer catalog when I first bought flowers from there.

Another message came in, "Apparently two qualities men lack when it comes to loving a girl."

This confirmed it, she was hurt by a guy.

"Thank you for the lesson, teacher." I texted her back feeling suddenly very happy.

Was she back in the shop?

It was great to see her continuing the lesson even though we didn't even meet. It made my day somehow.

Where are you? I texted her.

"Bringing these flowers to someone, since they also symbolize remembrance." She texted me after a while.

"When can I buy some?"

"When any three of the reasons mean anything to you."

"Then tomorrow it is. See you at the shop." I actually felt the twitching off my nerves as I waited for what she had to say with that softness yet dull ache in her words.

See you at the shop. After a few minutes, her text came and I felt a smile forming on my lips.


This came along a little difficult. I was stuck with thoughts and couldn't find the right ones to put down. I am pretty sure you might be wondering, what is Aster thinking. But so is Kyler people.

Hope this came out nicely. Share your thoughts, I promise this will turn out into a sweet story if I am encouraged enough XD

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