Hyacinth ⚘

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Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity. 

h y a c i n t h

[ s y m b o l i s e s   r a s h ne s s ,   c o n s ta n c y   a n d   s o r r ow ]

 Distress hit me as I saw that Amelia stood in the shop instead of Aster.

"Where is she?"

"She pleaded me not to tell anyone but I guess you, I want to tell." She gave me a slip.

I picked it up.

"Technically I didn't tell you anything, you picked up a slip." And she winked at me.

Amelia was a nice friend, I am pretty sure she was one of the reasons Aster kept it together.

It was an address of a town two hours drive from here and I wondered why she went there? Was she creating a distance after what happened yesterday?

I hope not, I didn't realise it before but now I know that I needed to see her every day.

I hopped into the car and leaving my driver behind I drove to the town. It was a similar town to ours but a lot older. The address brought me to a small house built over a convenience store. The walls were broken cement and door was  attached with more nails than I could count. I felt uneasy, sad and nervous as I knocked on the door.

I wanted to bring flowers but I didn't. I was not sure what was meant by my visit.

A little girl opened the door and ran away shrieking Mom. She came back followed by a plump middle aged woman.

"Yes?" She frowned at me and looked at me like she didn't trust the male species.

"I am here to see Aster," I said unsurely.

Her frown was gone and replaced by a wide smile that confused me.

"Come in. She has gone to the orphanage. I am the daughter of the orphanage owner, Bettie" The middle-aged woman introduced.

I stepped into the house and was shocked to see, it was smaller than my room. Inside were two kids playing, the little girl who opened the door and a year or so older boy, probably his brother.

"Is she okay?" I asked Bettie.

"Upset, but okay." She said offering me a glass of water which I refused.

"Please be comfortable and don't treat me like a guest," I requested her.

"Ah, it's the first time that one of our kids brought home a boyfriend." She grinned at me.

That made sense now, Aster knew her from the orphanage she lived in and I had the curiosity to see this side of her life.

"Can I go and see her?" I asked Bettie.

"Sure, I will take you. It is a walking distance from here." She got up and took a bag with her with some snacks probably for orphaned kids.

"I am going to meet the kids, lock the door and do not eat all the frozen pizza." She yelled to her kids who giggled mischievously making me smile at them.

We walked for like fifteen minutes in which she greeted every single person in the neighbourhood. She was good natured.

The Johnson's Children's home was a nice orphanage, small but homely looking. It had a beautiful garden and I realised how she developed her love for flowers. My eyes finally found Aster as we entered the blue iron gates. She was sitting on a swing with one of the kids and was laughing with other kid pushing them from behind making the swing fly.

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