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 I am pretty sure you are curious as to what is best thing about you .

That I like. Since I told you , you are beautiful from inside,

 A soul made for heaven. I will tell you your most beautiful external feature. 

You hair.

Ever since I saw you in that messy bun, I was hooked.

But then I saw you in a braid and realised I had a thing for girls with long hair.

Do you now how many times I imagined you with open hair? Too many times.

And when you did open them and they danced behind you gracefully,

 I sighed  and thought, What have I done to get this angelic beauty in my life?

Never cut them off, even trim them. Just like you, I love them as they are. 

P.S. You can be in a hair product commercial :)

j o n q u i l

c h a r m i n g   a n d   b e a u t i f u l 


I admire long hair but do not wish to have them because me being me can't handle taking care of them :)  XD

What do you prefer? Kyler is clearly biased :D

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