Lilac ⚘

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  ⚘Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. 

l i l a c

[ S y m b o l i s e s   h u m i l i t y ,   c h a r i t y   a n d   f i r s t   l o v e. ]

I couldn't take my eyes off her. Usually, I find her beautiful and even today she was beautiful but my eyes refused to leave her face. It was because she was so adjusted in my family like she was made for me. She laughed with my father as if they were age-old acquaintances.

My grandmother was trying to give her every dessert possible in our house. Her hair was gracefully braided with several loose strands making me wish I can see her hair down, once. Her pale pink dress made her look like a strawberry soap advertisement model. It flowed right down her knees and I can see her walking around bare footed in my room. My thoughts were a mix of lust and admiration for her.

I wanted her in my arms and yet I wanted her to be close to my family.

The dinner included my father who was back home, my two grandmothers who adored Aster, my two cousins who are a minor level gangsters. Then there were the young followers of my dad who carried guns to the party and I was worried how Aster might react or they might react to Aster.

But apparently, they were busy flirting and getting in her good books. Why in the world did Aster think people rejected her. My family loved her more than me, apparently.

She was blushing easy, smiling a lot and seemed at ease. And since i couldn't hold back any longer I went closer to her and pulled her for a fervent kiss that left her breathless and a delicious colour of red.

The gang of....gangsters hooted around us and everyone looked happy except my mom. Well, she will get over this so I was not bothered.

"You like them more than me Aster." I gave her a fake hurt look.

She just smiled making my heart race. She had that kind of crazy effect on me.

"Well, I like them because they are all related to you." Her simple answer filled me with warmth.

"Now you see, you are lovable. Even these hooligans love you."

"All thanks to you." And she pecked my cheeks.

Even such slight touches made me the happiest person on the planet.

"I saw you talking to my mother, does she trouble you again?" I carefully look at her eyes to see her reaction.

But her face was carefully masked.

"Nah, she was just grateful that you and Johan are talking again."

"Well, dad likes to talk more to you than me, so this time thanks to you," I grinned at her.

The night was one of the best, I was with my family and the girl who I think I had more feelings than just like.

"Am I allowed to drop you home today?" I asked her hopefully.

"For now, we are going to the flower shop."

I nodded at her odd request at half past midnight.

"I have a flower for you." She said and unlocked the door of the shop.

Walking towards a flower she picked one and presented it to me.

"Lilac." She named the flower.

"What does it mean?" I asked really curious now.

"It means charity and first love. If you will give this to me why would it be?" She asked with a sad expression.

Now I knew what my mother said, that Aster was my charity case.

I made a sudden, the best decision of my life.

"For first love," I said and gave her the flower with a kiss on her forehead.

Her sigh on my answer made me realise, I loved the girl.

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