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 The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers 

i r i s  

[   s y m b o l i s e s   c o m p l i m e n t s ,   w i s d o m  a n d   ho p e . ]

Working with Aster was like not working at all. She made me feel happy, relaxed and energised. I have seen the broken Aster, shy Aster, sassy Aster, strict Aster, happy Aster and now I saw chirpy and caring Aster. I still had to see the sexy Aster.

Aster was enchanted when we walked into our town's bakery and looked at each dessert with so much desire in her eyes I wanted to buy all for her. The theme for the wedding was red carpet and Aster choose the perfect cake for it. It was chocolate and caramel and something else which she explained to the shopkeeper.

"Now that we are done with choosing desserts and cake, what do you want to have?" She gave me a child like happy smile that reached up to her eyes.

She was beautiful in this way too, little things made her happy and like many other women around me she didn't require anything extravagant to put a smile on her face.

After a long mental dilemma she settled on red velvet pastry and a dark fantasy muffin. Her eyes widened in delight as she took the first bite and she moaned making me chuckle at her open reaction.

"This is heaven!"

"I can think of other things also." I gave her a devilish smile.

Thought she rolled her eyes at my words but the blush spread over her cheeks making my fingers itch to touch it.

She thoroughly enjoyed her desserts and I enjoyed watching her eat.

After our little food adventure we searched the town for other things like stuff for chair decoration, type of wine glasses and other little stuff that snob was making me do. Frankly it felt as if we were a newlywed couple out for shopping.

And the thought made me smile just like when Mel said about Aster and my kids.

My phone started ringing and I didn't want to talk to her, especially in front of Aster.

"Pick up. I don't detest your mother for looking out for her son," She said in a sweet encouraging tone.

I bet she was an angel in disguise.

I gave her a stiff smile and answered the unending call.

"Have you met Daniela recently?"

"Hello to you too mom, I am great."

"Yeah, yeah Hello. Now, please do me a favour and meet that girl. She has been calling endlessly."

"Will do," I just said that to get her off my back.

"Is dad's knee pain fine?" I asked.

"Come see yourself."

"Not in mood Mom after what you did last time." And hung up.

She was silent for a while and I thought she was upset.

"I am jealous of you." She finally said.

"Of me? Why?" This was really intriguing.

"You have a loving family, you have friends, you have so many people who love you." She gave me a smile like she was happy for me.

"It might look that way but most of my friends were my friends because I was the rich guy. I never had a serious girlfriend who loved me. And the one person I want love from is angry at me. But I was partially at fault , so." I was finally letting her know my story.

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