Rose ⚘

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⚘ True friendship is like a rose: we don't realize its beauty until it fades 

r o s e

[  s y m b o l i z e s   l o v e   a n d   f r i e n d s h i p .]

I bet not wanting to live is a thought that crosses your mind several times a day when your life gets hard. But actually wanting to die is completely different. That is how I felt when I saw Aster losing blood in front of me. Her heartbeat slowing, her skin turning pale. My emotions were all over the place. I was panicking and I had no idea what to do.

My phone helped me snap back to my senses, it was Amelia calling. She was actually an angel in disguise.

"A-amelia. Shot. Aster was shot. T-that Dani-daniela shot her." I managed to tell Amelia.

Next thing I knew she hung up on me. I was in too much shock to cry. My eyes just keep flickering to her wound on the corner of her waist and the red on my hand as I kept pressure on it.

"I am sorry Aster. I am so so sorry." I whispered to her not trying to feel hopeless.

Living without the girl sounded awful right now.

"F-For what? I will leave." She stammered, her forehead beaded with sweat.

I bent closer to her and kissed her forehead lightly.

"You are not leaving me Aster. I don't take rejection well." I threatened her weakly now my voice choking with emotion.

"Look at you, who will reject you. You-you are, "She winced in pain and a tear escaped her eye, " You are quiet a catch."

She was trying to make me feel better even at this time.

"God, Aster Walsh. Only you can make me say such cheesy stuff but I love you." I mumble it out.

Her eyes fluttered and she weakened.

"I thought- I- i will never be able to l-love again. But t-thank you Kyler H-holt, now I do." Her voice more like a whisper now.

Her eyes flutter closed with a sigh.

"A-aster. Aster you need to stay with me. You might have lived with all that hate around you but now I am here to give you all the love. ASTER! DAMN IT!"

I shock her hard.

"My flower lessons are left, Aster, Aster." I kept trying to bring her back.

Soon the doctors came over. My mind was in a haze and only thing I could here was murmur.

"She will live. It's a stomach wound, needs a surgery." Amelia touched my shoulder and it was like I can breathe again.


I think I learnt something after all because before buying flowers I was stressed as to want i want to buy for Aster before I visited her in the hospital. I have been with her for past two days. She was out of danger but still unconscious as she lost lot of blood. I haven't slept for past forty hours but now I was home to take a shower and now that Amelia called me to let me know that she was awake I wanted to buy flowers for her.

Many made sense in this situation but I picked up the one that makes sense to everyone, Rose.

Everyone knows what Rose means, love and friendship, two things that made my relationship with Aster perfect for me. I don't only what to love her, I wanted to be her friend so that she can share anything with me, so that she can be comfortable around me, so that she could laugh without any care of the world.

On reaching the hospital my steps were fast with excitement of seeing her.

My steps stopped outside the room when I saw Daniela's dad inside the room.

"I am really sorry for what my daughter did but please , please understand that she doesn't need psyche ward and not a jail. I didn't know that she was suffering. When she couldn't get the one thing in her life, she lashed out." He was begging Aster to take back her case.

But little did he know that the case was mine and not Aster's.

I walked in the room and greeted him.

"Kyler." His tone carried guilt.

"Sir, I appreciate all that you have done for my father but I can't let this slide. The woman I love almost lost her life and I can't forgive that." I stated as coldly as possible.

"Mr. Marshall I will let you know soon. For now Kyler and I need to have a talk." Aster said in strained tone clearly still in pain from the surgery.

He nodded and I noticed the tired look on his face, his grey beard and sad posture as he walked out of the room.

"You got me roses?" Her voice directed my attention to her.

I smiled at my Aster. She looked pale and sick but still, still she looked beautiful to me.

I was whipped.

"For love and friendship," I placed the bouquet next to her and she gave me a wide smile.

"Only you can do this." She shook her head as if amused.

"What?" I asked her.

"Persistently continue a lesson even when I am in hospital."

I laughed at her words while she looked at the roses lovingly.

"Let go of the case Kyler. And before you open your mouth just imagine me hurt." This made me snap my mouth shut.

"Mr. Marshall loves his daughter, seeing her in pain will kill the old man. Let her get the treatment and get better." She pleaded me , as expected of her and I sighed at her words.

I nodded slowly not sure how she convinced me of something that I was determined about.

"Thank you." She whispered.


"For loving me. You are the first." Her eyes watered and my heart reacted accordingly aching for her.

"Thank you for making me understand love, you are the only one." I confided my secret with her.

"Umm, now that you love me and all, can I get a kiss?" I asked when she looked too overwhelmed at my words.

Tears of happiness flowed down her eyes and she nodded at me.

That was all I needed to kiss the gorgeous girl lying in front of me.

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Frankly I was too happy with your dramatic comments, made me smile. I hope this also makes you smile.

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