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❄ Where flower blooms, do does hope. ❄

s t a t i c e 

 [  s y m b o l i s e s   s y m p a t h y   a n d   s u c c e s s .]

"You can't leave today boss, tomorrow is the freaking party" My secretary Diana said in a stern tone.

"What else is left?" I was restless to leave, something that has never happened before.

Was it weird to say that after tomorrow, I wanted to be near Aster even more? The way she said that it hurts too much made me recoil in pain.

"We still have the caterers to take care of. Then the music crew is ready with three samples and you have to choose the best of three. Then-" I interrupted her long list of works.

"Can I leave for a while and come back?"

"Where are you so eager to go?" She looked at me with suspicion.

I was an uptight CEO, I never left during crucial hours of work but here I was wrapped in a walking mystery called Aster.

"Umm...A Flower Shop."

And I left before she could nag me more.

The shop was locked from outside as my car stopped in front.

Where was she?

I called her number not even thinking before doing that. She picked up after five rings.

"Where are you?"

"At home."

"Why?" I was being too intrusive.

"Because Amelia needs my help in with creating  some bouquets."

Oh, the event, Amelia was also invited but my main motive was to invite her. And here she was helping Amelia.

"You are not coming?" I tried to hide the disappointment in my voice.

"No, I don't think it is the right place for me."

She didn't say that she was not into parties or that she doesn't have a dress. There was some other reason.

I re-defined my sentence.

"You are coming."

She chuckled," No, Kyler, your skills will not work here."

"It is not a persuasion or manipulation. It is a request, Aster. Please, I can't miss my lessons." I provided her with the lamest excuse in the history of lame.

"You are at the flower shop?" She asked after a while sounding unsure.


"Why is it imperative that I must go?"

It was a trick question from a broken person. I can answer it in a way to make her hate me or answer it in a way to make her trust me.

"Because I don't want to leave you alone with your scars."

I could hear her breath over the phone and waited for her to reply, anxiously I might add.

"I can't be there Kyler, I am not ready yet." Her voice broke on last words.

"Tell me what is it , maybe I can help?" I offered gently.

"Don't trouble yourself just because of me."

"It's not just you, it is you. Now tell me or if the event goes wrong, I will blame you for distracting me." I stood my ground trying to know something about her.

She remained silent.

"Fine, don't answer. Is your house far from Flower Shop?" So I needed to see her face, those blue –green eyes.


"Come on then , complete today's lesson and I will ask nothing more." I was not going to let this go easily.

"I will be there in few minutes." She sighed defeated by my persistence.

As promised, she came walking towards me, in a loose tee and denim shorts.

My eyes betrayed me as they lazily admired her long, tan legs that could give models run for their money. I had to stop ogling and look up at her face. How did she do it, look beautiful daily?

"Kyler." She greeted me with an amused smile and opened the shop.

I walked in without a word still admiring her messy home look.

"I could have texted you the lesson which I am pretty sure are having no effect on you." She was in a light mood today, joking with me.

"I wanted to buy the flowers for greater effect. And how kind of you to be discouraging." My sarcasm made her lips twitch in a smile.

"Here, Statice. Your flower lesson for today." She placed a pot in front of me.

"Symbolizes two things that seldom go parallel; Success and sympathy."

Her words baffled me.


"People who are successful don't usually garner sympathy. And people who are sympathized by others are not usually successful." She explained kindly.

"Not true."

"How so?" She was curious.

I bent closer to her over the counter and she blinked, a little startled at my gesture but I looked straight in her eyes.

"Successful people might have paid a price to be at that stage. They might be very lonely and in need of some sympathy and love."

The look she gave me was overwhelming, filled with adoration and care.

"You speak from experience." She deducted.

I decided not to answer her deduction.

"I will buy some."

"For success then Kyler because someone like you deserve success in every field, personal or professional." Her words made me feel something I haven't felt in a long time since I left the house.

She made me feel appreciated, good and proud.

I suddenly promised myself, she will be attending tomorrow party by hook or by crook.

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It seems like Aster has taken liking to a certain CEO ;)

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