Daffodils- for chivalry ⚘

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❄ B l o o m   w h e r e   y o u   a r e   p l a n t e d 

My eyes were stuck on the door as I waited for her to arrive, my constant thoughts being; will she back out of this?

Jordan McTavish, the Hollywood heartthrob was spending all this for his parents 25th anniversary. There were many guests and it was a huge success for me to organise an event this big. I wish my dad could see me now.

I was wondering who among the guest list was the douche I was suppose to kill.

"Boss, why are you not dancing? I can see almost every girl eyeing you here." Diana came to me, her arms looped with her husband's arm who gave me a smile and a courteous nod.

"I am waiting for someone."

"Someone special boss?" Diana teased me.

"Not what you are thinking."

"Sure, does she work at the flower shop?" She asked and I played right into her hands.

"How did you know?"

Not only did I agree that the one I was waiting was a she but also that she works at a flower shop.

"Just a lucky guess because you seem to rush off to one after work each day."

I gave her my best dry look but she just laughed and left to dance with her husband.

More celebrities poured in but not her. I was losing patience now so I decided to call.

After three rings, she answered, "Do I need to come to your place and drag you out Aster?"

She laughed a tinkling laughter, "Look up."

And I did. My breath was caught in my throat. I found her beautiful in her daily tshirt jeans attire, imagine my surprise when she walked in wearing a lavender floor length gown.

The dress was doing magic on her, her curves were prominent, the neckline gave a view of her delicate collar bone and also a little more. Her hair was tied in an elegant bun, few strands left loose on the side of her face.

Her deliciously colored lips lifted in a smile as she walked towards me while Amelia mingled in with the crowd.

I needed to find my voice, fast.

"Amelia forced me into this, hence the tardiness." She gestured to herself and the clean-up that made her look breathtakingly gorgeous.

Before I could say, you look beautiful or something more extravagant, someone else called out her name.

"Aster , is that you?" I saw her flinch and pale at his voice.

She curled her lower lips under her teeth and went stiff. The local TV sports news reporter, Brian Hughes was the douche that I was supposed to punch then.

"Brian." She mumbled trying hard to keep the tremble off her voice but it was not working.

"Beautiful, and who this might be?" I asked and formed a grip on her waist.

I heard her gasp lightly but she didn't push me away.

"Brian Hughes, Kyler Holt." She introduced us, her eyes filled with pain.

"How do you know Aster?" He asked with a frown in her direction as if it was not right for her to be with a man.

She was still supposed to be crying for him.

"I am her boyfriend, if you want to put labels. And I know that you are the ex." I put all the coldness in my tone.

I still didn't know if he was ex-boyfriend or something more.

She looked up at me with wide eyes and chuckling at her reaction I bent down and kissed her cheek.

And this was completely for my benefit; I wanted to kiss her since I first saw her, for now, cheek will have to suffice. And the kiss paid off almost immediately.

Firs,t the bastard Hughes looked taken aback and Aster's cheek was filled with a gorgeous blush.

"Oh, um..How did you guys meet?" He asked not sure what to say now.

"She is the flower arranger for this event."

"Ah! It has been three months Aster since we last met." He said wistfully.

I wanted to add a snarky comment but this time, Aster spoke.

"I was not really in mood or condition to see you after you broke our engagement over a text Brian, one day before the wedding." Her voice was pained but also bitter.

Ex-fiancé then. And he fucking left her one day before the wedding. I clenched my fist in severe anger.

She was about to cry, her lower lip trembled as she saw a woman join the jerk.

"Myra, this is Aster and her boyfriend Kyler. This is Myra, my good friend." He was lying, of course, she was more than his good friend.

"It was nice meeting you all. But I think my girlfriend here will kill me if I don't ask her to dance." I pulled Aster closer and she leaned into me as if she needed support.

He left her really broken.

"It was great meeting you," Myra added with a flirtatious smile.

While Brian gave me a constipated look.

"Aster, keep me in touch."

Aster sighed deeply and looked at him with a confused look.

"No, thank you, Brian. I am not stupid enough to walk with my own two feet towards useless things that might hurt me again." Her words were harsh, sarcastic and according to me wonderful.

Shock and hurt crossed Brian's face. He had the nerve to look hurt. I am going to find out why that jerk face left someone as beautiful as Aster and that to a day before the wedding.

Fifteen minutes passed since Brian left and we danced to the slow music without a word. Up close she looked even more beautiful. A slow tear trickled down her eye and I felt a tug in my heart.

"Do you need a drink Aster?" I asked and she nodded.

I pulled her to the drink counter and gave her some red wine.

She was not crying anymore, but the pain was still there.

I was searching for the  right words to say to the stunning woman in front of me.

She looked around and suddenly walking to a vase, she pulled out a daffodil.

Walking back to me she extended the flower towards me.

My brows shot up in surprise and question.

"For chivalry, Mr. Boyfriend."

And gave me a small smile that made me realize that I was not doing all this out of pity or because she intrigued me.

I liked Aster Walsh.


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