Bird of Paradise ⚘

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⚘ The flowers of late winter and early spring occupy places in our hearts well out of proportion to their size. 

b i r d  o f   p a r a d i s e

[ s y m b o l i s e s   j o y f u l n e s s ,   w o n d e r f u l   a p p r o v a l  ]

As Aster took the step to introduce me to her family, I also wanted to set right the minds of her evil foster mother. Her words were etched in my minds and I was still very angry. So, without asking Aster and a tiny bit of help from Amelia I reached her foster home.

A woman, almost Aster's age opened the door and gave me a flirty smile. My mood became sour when I remembered how her siblings caused the burn marks on her feet.

"I am here to meet your mother." I stated flatly and her smile faltered.

I was not in mood for pleasantries.

"And who are you?" She asked , not giving up the flirt attitude.

"I am your sister's boyfriend."

This time she scowled and turned to call for her mother. Soon a familiar woman walked out and she looked at me with surprise.

"You are Aster's boyfriend? Do you know that she was left before marriage and that she works in a measly shop?" These were the first words out of her mouth.

Like this will affect my feelings for Aster.

"Yes, I know more about her that you or that Brian knew. I wouldn't have troubled myself to visit your vile self but she loves her father so I thought why not introduce myself as her boyfriend." I said as coldly as possible.

She was shocked at my words. While both her daughters looked at me like I was a product to eat.

"I can't decided which one of is uglier but nice meeting the monsters who hurt my Aster." I addressed them and saw them pale at my words.

I gave them an evil smirk.

"And so you all know, yes I am super rich guy and I am with Aster because somehow she luckily chose me and you do not even deserve to ask her who she dates or marries." I made coldly clearly.

"Where is your husband?"

She just pointed upstairs and giving them hateful look I climbed up.

"Hello sir." I greeted a man with receding hair line and kind eyes.

"You must be Kyler." A little surprised, I nodded a yes.

"Aster told me about you. You are first guy she talks about with a blush." The man in front of me was nothing like rest of his family.

"Well, we are dating now." I told him sheepishly.

"Glad you are. She needed nice people in her life and I see you make her smile." He approved of me and that was enough.

"I haven't told her about the visit." I said nervously.

He chuckled fondly.

"Oh, just give her flowers and she will be fine."

That was right.

"Then I will be leaving sir, no offence but I don't like rest of your family."

"I will tell you a secret if you call me Noah."

"Okay, Noah." I grinned at his amused expression.

"I don't like them either."


It was an okay meeting over all besides the yelling from her foster mom, her evil sisters and I felt like I walked out of a freaking Cinderella's house. For one thing she was beautiful like a fairy tale.

"These are for you." I gave Aster some flowers his father suggested me.

"Birds of paradise, why?" She looked at me with amusement.

She knew.

"Your dad suggested it. What does it mean?"

"He is happy for me and approves of you." She said to herself satisfied about whole thing.

"The flower symbolizes joy and approval."

She jumped on me for a hug and I laughed at her reaction kind of relieved.

"Thank you, thank you." She mumbled against my shoulder.

"For?" I grinned at her.

She looked at me now, moving away and I saw tears in her eyes.

"For giving me the tears of joy for first time. For meeting my father, when you didn't have to."

She gave me a grateful look, her beautiful eyes saying it all.

"Well I had to, because girlfriend, you have a dinner with a family of gangsters tomorrow." And planted a kiss on her nose as she adorably widened her eyes.

⚘     ⚘     ⚘

ha ! there you evil foster mom, take that! 

I enjoyed writing this one because I wanted to teach this woman a lesson. But oh, oh...few chapters left and I am thinking it is getting over too soon, isn't it :'(

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