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 Tis my faith that every flower
Enjoys the air it breathes! 

d a i s y

[ s y m b o l i z e s   p u r i t y   ,   i n n o c e n c e   a n d   c a r e .]

That day I had to leave before Aster because of the work but I did call her and checked if she was back.

I was busy as hell because the rich old woman wanted a lavish wedding for her granddaughter. She was the owner of several vineyards and had no one else to spend money she earned from her those orchards. But I was trapped now because she personally wanted me to take care of the situation.

So frankly speaking I was overworked. But the major stress was my distance from Aster. It was a good thing she moved back to town else I couldn't even concentrate on my work.

We talked and texted but I refused learning about flowers over phone or text. I wanted to see her, gaze in the sparkle in her eyes when she tells me about the flowers and meaning behind them.

The wedding was two months away and on such a small notice I had to come up with something amazing.

"I was searching for locations this afternoon and then I was back to monitor other smaller events being handled by our company." My voice was tired but I felt energized when I heard her voice.

"have you eaten?" She asked in a concerned tone that made me smile.

"Not yet, I will eat. Tell me how your day was?"

"Usual, my foster father called from a phone booth, so I am happy. Besides that I just read books and babysat flowers."

"It might sound cheesy but I miss you Aster." There was silence for a moment when I said it and I was worried that I might have annoyed her.

After a while, I heard her sigh, "Can I come over?"

Her question made me speechless and now the silence was from my end.

"Kyler, you there?" She confirmed.

"Yes and yes," I answered both her questions.

"I take that other yes is for the above question?" There was amusement in her voice.

"Yes." I added like a fool.


After a gruelling half an hour, I saw her walking in my building through the window in my office room. She has never been once to my office and I was glad that she found it without any delay. I was happy like a kid whose favourite star was coming to the town.

"You have a huge and beautiful working place." Her voice pulled me out of the thoughts and I looked up.

"I told you, work for me. You only refused."

"I come bearing gifts." She gave me a smile that I was dying to see for past ten days.

She looked even more beautiful or maybe it was her ice blue top or maybe it was her messed up bun or maybe it was just me.

I looked at the lunch box in her hand and was hit by a emotion I have never felt. It was nerve wrecking yet pleasing. It was not a big thing but it had been a long time since I ate home cooked meal.

She opened it unaware of my inner turmoil and a smile spread on my face. She was explaining the dishes to me and there was also a dessert but my eyes were stuck on her, her words a light murmur in background.

"Kyler, are you listening to me?" She clicked her fingers in front of my face and I snapped back to senses.

"I am, I am." But she knew as she gave me slight smile.

"Well, I haven't slept from two days and tomorrow I have to go on a round for bakers for the wedding and finalize the cards today. And then I am off to old snob's mansion and get to know the bride and groom. And then next month is dedicated for venue decoration , music arrangement. I think I might die of exhaustion." I sighed at the end of my rant.

"I hope this helps." Aster came closer and kissed my forehead.

Her gesture was uncalled for. The shy , sheltered Aster never did that but this made me realise, she cared unconditionally even though she has been hurt so much.

"Where were you during my college days? I was more charming then."

She laughed, looking completely at ease. The pain in her eyes were really dim but still there.

"I am pretty sure you wouldn't have noticed a girl like me in your wild college days. I was the silent hard worker."

"There is no way in hell I wouldn't notice you. From all the flower shop in town I walked into yours and you were the only reason I kept coming." I confided to her confidently.

A deep blush adorned her face and her undeniable innocence mesmerised me. She thought that she was not noticeable. Amazingly my eyes and my mind only seem to notice her.

"I am free tomorrow, do you need help with choosing dessert and cake design?" she offered and made my day.

All my tiredness drained away.

"Is there a flower for people who show so much care?" I teased her.

"You are actually very dedicated with the lesson Kyler. Yes there is, Daisy." She answered my question with a proud smile.

She liked flowers a lot and that my interest in them made her happy.

"Daisy is known for care, purity and innocence."

I walked out of my office with Aster and saw Diana gave me an arched brow.

"Diana, get me some daisy's from flower shop Aphrodite." Diana asked no questions and nodded looking amused.

"What are you buying this one for?"

"For you."

"Huh?" She needed a reason, I answered who the flower was for.

"For your care and the innocence you have, that makes you worthy of all the care in the world."


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