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 You know I thought you are an angel on earth? Well, now I confess, I did.

 No one had the serene smile like you did,

No one was as loving as you are,

No one can forgive so easily but you did,

I have seen you give second chances to all, except yourself,

Try and trust people, even though yours have been broken numerous time,

Made me love and learned to love as well,

I thought you are an angel when you are selfless, when you are smiling, when you were trying to hide your pain from me , when you are you.

I thought you are an angel when I looked at you because Aster you definitely look like one.

It  was a love at first sight for me. 

g l o x i n i a

l o v e   a t   f i r s t   s i g h t    

For me, I am not much of a believer in love at first sight but I think Kyler might have experienced it. if he didn't he wouldn't have visited the shop the next day :)

Let me know your thoughts on love at first sight ?

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