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  After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world. 

a n t h u r i u m 

[ s y m b o l i z e s   h o s p i t a l i t y   a n d   h a p p i n e s s. ]

It is just my bad luck that work follows me wherever I go. So I woke up next morning in the warm and comfortable guest house of orphanage where parents stay when they come to adopt a child from a distance.

I last saw Aster at dinner where she was busy feeding kids and making them smile. It was nice nevertheless watching her like this, happy and without any worries.

"Yes, Diana?"

"Boss, you have to arrange a wedding of some old snob's granddaughter and she wants to meet you today."

"Oh god, what time?" I groaned mentally.

"Evening, at five."

"I will be there." I hung up and started searching for Aster.

I found her watering the plants in the garden looking serene. There was not a single person around and the only voice I could hear was the wind, the birds and rustling of leaves. She was humming some tune to herself as she watered the plants. She was not wearing her usual jeans , top attire. Today she was dressed in a simple light yellow coloured dress right below her knees. Her sexy legs peeped out of her attire.

The dress swayed with the light wind and she felt as light and soft as cotton standing there in the sunlight.

She might have noticed my intense gaze on her because she looked up and caught my eye. Her lips lifted in a smile and I realised what true beauty meant.

"You are up early. Are you an early riser?" She asked keeping down the watering can and brushing her hands on her dress.

"No, my secretary called. I have some business to attend to."

"Ah!.will you have breakfast before you leave?" She asked sweetly and I don't know what she was thinking or feeling.

"Will you stay here or come along?" I asked the most important question on my mind.

Her smile faltered and she looked unsure.

I let go of all the inhibitions since I didn't want to lose her. I don't know what I was feeling, why I was feeling but the soft, simple and broken Aster made me feel like I have never felt before. And I liked it.

I pulled her in for a hug and this time, she didn't go stiff or rigid instead she sighed and relaxed at my touch. I never felt happier.

She leaned into me and rested her head on my chest and we stood there just calming breathing in the morning air.

Suddenly a girlish giggle broke us apart and I saw Aster blush.

"Aunt Aster, is he your Prince Charming?" She asked like an innocent child.

But that made me curious to hear her answer.

"What do you think, Mel?" Aster got down to her knees and lifted the little girl up in her arms.

"I think he is because why would I princess like you hug anyone else?" That made me smile.

She gave the right title to Aster, Princess. She was as beautiful and delicate as one.

Then Aster turned to look at me and smile, "I think so to Mel."

And I am pretty sure my jaw hit the ground. She just accepted that I am her Prince Charming!

"Umm, so Mel what do you think a princess should do , stay here or go with her prince charming?" I asked the innocent child, but the smile remained intact on Aster's face as if she was enjoying seeing me work hard.

"Well, if the prince charming can keep her safe from all the dangers and dark powers than she should go. Or else they two will miss each other very much." It seems Mel was more intelligent than me and gave a quick solution.

"So if he swears that he will not let any harm come to his princess, what should princess say?" I asked Mel but looked at Aster.

"Aunt Aster?" The child asked cutely tilting her head in a question.

Aster gave both of us a bemused look and chuckled.

"Princess will go with her prince charming." Mel rejoiced at this and so did I, in my heart.

She jumped out of Aster's arm and went inside in a hurry almost hopping with joy.

"For real?" I confirmed ,not sure if she just played along with Mel's story.

"I was scared when you showed up yesterday and I couldn't sleep all night. I told you no attachment but you clearly told me that might not be true for you. You never did anything to hurt me, or never judged me and tried to see the best in me. So I am trying to do the same even though it scares the hell out of me, Kyler. I thought people I cared for distanced themselves from me, why not give a chance to a person who cares for me."

I pulled her for a tighter hug this time and she chuckled lightly.

I was relieved and happy at her decision.

" I can take harsh words from your mother, judgement from others because I am used to it. But Kyler, I am putting a trust in you, don't break it else I will be broken to the point of no repair." Her voice trembled on her last words.

Breaking her was impossible, now all I was gonna do was mend her, heal her and make her strong enough to appreciate herself.

I kissed her lips softly and she responded immediately making me feel like a champion.

"Was that true love's kiss?" Mel walked out with some flowers in her hands.

"These are some flowers Aunt Aster gave us today for hos-p-il-ty." She tried to form the right words.

"Shouldn't you give flowers and propose?" Mel played our own matchmaker.

Aster and I laughed at her romantic knowledge at the age of six.

"Hospitality. These flowers are Anthurium." Aster cleared up what Mel was trying to say.

"She helped me with the lesson today," I smiled at the little girl.

Aster nodded in agreement.

I walked in and noticed Bettie walking out of her room in a half sleep state. Grinning I walked over to her and presented her with flowers.

"Huh?" She looked at me with confusion.

"For your hospitality."

"Ah! She trapped you into flower meanings and all." Bettie gave Aster a knowing grin and Aster blushed.

"I guess you are right here Bettie, she does have me trapped."

"Aunt Bettie, I will also learn about flowers like aunt Aster and then I will get my own prince charming like her." We all laughed at her words while Aster blushed deeper.

"Now Melinda, where will a naughty girl like you get a prince." Bettie teased.

"Oh, well, I am sure Aunt Aster and Prince charming will have a handsome son, won't they?"

Filled with a new kind of mirth I burst out laughing hard.


Isn't Melinda a cute little thing :) The turn of events surprised even me. At first I didn't want Aster to go with Kyler and be a little more distant but then I thought. Why the hell not? She has been rejected and is love deprived. Kyler has been giving her care and attention, why should she let his mother's word affect her this much and be a sob queen.

So here we are and Aster is finally giving Kyler a chance. I mean who wouldn't? Guy is such a sweet heart :)

Thoughts people!  I loved reading your comments :)

And don't forget to VOTE!

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