Carnation ⚘

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Can we conceive what humanity would be if it did not know the flowers? ⚘

c a r n a t i o n

[ s y m b o l i z e s   :   r e d   c a r n a t i o n ,   l o v e   a n d   a d m i r a t i o n   y e l l o w ,   d i s d a i n   r e j e c t i o n   a n d   d i s a p p o i n t m e n t ]

Now I know what pain felt like. I have been injured before, I was depressed when I left my home but never all this while I felt this much , heart-searing pain. I couldn't think straight, the nerves in my head were bursting and my heart was crumpled in my chest. I can't cry, I need to be strong , for her and for me.

I have never loved anyone liked I loved Aster and now when the person you love is hurt, you feel the like everything is useless and all that matters was her life and safety.

"I need to repent for my mistakes Kyler, let me go to jail." Dad offered.

I didn't refuse, I just sat there my mind blank.

"Kyler, stop being melodramatic and think. We can't let your father go to jail and we need to protect Aster. You are a freaking event organizer. Make a plan." Amelia yelled at me looking worried.

My mind was not working but she was right I needed to make a plan, I needed to protect the two most important people in my life, my dad, and Aster.

"Let's plan a date then." I got up from my seat, very excited now.

As per my mother's mindset, Daniela did this because she was jealous that I chose Aster over her. She always thought that she and I will get married. So this was time to use my charms to the fullest and send out a message to my girl that I was not here to leave her, reject her like others did. I was here to stay and that I loved her.

"A date, for whom?" My assistant, Diana asked ready with a notepad.

"For Daniela. Let me explain." I said as I saw the horrified expression of people around me.

"I will take her out for a date. She wants me, right? I will give her that. Mom here will act as if she wants Daniela as her daughter in law and meanwhile Dad and his little band of followers will get Aster out of there."

"And there will be no police case against me, I talked to Jonathan, he says he didn't know where his daughter is but will let us know once he tracks the place. And he had no idea that she was doing all this." Dad joined us after talking to the head of the police department, his dear friend Jonathan.

I grinned now feeling hopeful.

I turned towards Amelia and Diana, "I need flowers for my date and Diana, call Brain Hughes. His TV connection will help us get a little exposure on Miss Daniela."

Amelia and Diana nodded with a knowing smile as she understood what I meant. I needed my lessons and I needed flowers to send out a message as I realized what they could do right now in this situation, leave a message without words. My teacher would be proud of me right now.


"You look stunning Daniela." I complimented with a stiff fake smile and she blushed.

Daniela was good looking, one of the best I have seen with her silvery blonde hair and honey flecked grey eyes. But call me biased , she was nowhere near Aster.

"How could you even think I will choose her over you. My mom dislikes her and I have always been friends with you. What better than having your best friend for a life partner." I lied smoothly and her eyes sparkled.

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