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Flowers... are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world 

h e a t h e r

[ s y m b o l i z e s   a d m i ra t i o n ,   pr o t e c t i v e n e s s   a n d   a   h o p e   t ha t   d r e a m s   c o m e    t r u e . ]

I couldn't stop myself from staring at the woman sitting next me in the car. She was sinfully gorgeous and divine. Aster was dressed in a long flowery summer dress baby pink in color which Diana chose for her. Her hair was braided in a side braid and had little petals pinned on that braid. The dress was made of such material that it clung to her body like a soft second skin. It was sleeveless and showed off her cream-colored slender arms.

She smelled great, it was the flowers or maybe her perfume or maybe it was just her. She had the lightest of makeup on but what attracted my attention most was her lips, painted pink. After the kiss, all I wanted to do was kiss her again.

It was getting hard for me to keep my hands to myself with her so close to me. When did I ever become such a romantic guy?

But she was normal around me, besides a lot of blushing and sometimes shortness of breath. She was affected by me but not as much as I was by her. She thought I kissed her because I wanted to get back at Brian. Well, that was only half the truth, I kissed her because I wanted to do that like forever.

"God, I am nervous." She whispered mostly to herself.

"No need, they will like you. I mean who can't?" I bumped my shoulder lightly into hers.

She smiled but had a pained look in her eyes.

"Not many people like me Kyler."

"And those people are stupid," I stated with conviction and she just lightly shook her head.

We stepped out of the car on the venue. It was a big garden built under a large canopy so that we can sit there even in sunlight. The garden was filled with white wooden benches and extravagant food settings. Starlights glowed all over the place, spread over the bigger plants and felt like little fireflies.

"This is so beautiful." Aster looked with a child-like awe in every direction and I looked at her.

Under the starlight, she was practically glowing.

"Very beautiful."

She didn't notice that comment was meant for her and not for the garden our company decorated.

She closed in and interlinked my arm with hers and I looked at her with shock.

"I am your fake girlfriend, remember?" She gave me a coy smile.

"Ah, yes."

We walked towards my grandma and my mom who were chatting with all smiles. Many girls and women eyed us and I felt Aster get closer to me as if she was felt exposed to their gaze. I removed my hands from her grip and instead I gripped her waist in a protective and possessive gesture making her blush deeply. It felt like she was mine right now even if it was for a day.

"Mom, grams." I greeted and these women completely ignored me and scrutinized the woman next to me.

"This is my girlfriend, Aster Walsh."

"Oh, what a lovely lady." Grams said and pulled her away from me.

Aster gave them a shy smile and avoided their gaze.

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