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 ⚘  Have I said all in the other notes,

Maybe I did.

But it can never be enough,

For the things I feel.

For the gratefulness towards you,

As you walked into my life.

For those lessons about flowers,

A definite excuse to see you daily,

For such loving nature,

And finding my gangster family cool.

For being utterly, insanely beautiful,

And being unaware about it.

For being a fighter,

And stand strong after all that pain.

For being mine,

Because I can't imagine myself without you.

Putting my feelings,

In words is hard because I can't summarize what I feel.

My only solace is that, 

You my lovely Aster feel the same way.

I wish to have my present , my future 

And If possible my every lifetime with you.

Create memories that will last,

That will make us smile,

And no matter where we are,

Where we go,

We will never forget each other. 

P.S. Are you wondering since when did I become so poetic and dramatic and mushy? Well, did I mention I am the editor for our events magazine and a closet poet? If I didn't then here it is. Yes. Go ahead and laugh. I am ready to be mocked at the expense of your laughter.

P.P.S   I LOVE YOU.  ❤

f o r g e t - m e - n o t s

m e m o r i e s   a n d   e v e r l a s t i n g   l o v e  


The last note people. I never thought but I am feeling kind of sad here. But hold on awesome people, we still have two more chapters from Aster's PoV and You have to wait and see which ones I chose. Next update will be thursday.

Till then you can go and re-live this story, try my other stories or wait for a new one soon to begin. CAN YOU LOVE ME? For those who don't know, please check out the summary, the story will be out on 25th August.

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