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⚘ Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity. ⚘

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[ s y m b o l i s e s   e v e r l a s t i n g  b e a u t y ,   b o n d   o f   a f f e c t i o n   a n d   w i s h  f o r    h a p p y   l i f e ]

It has been seven years since I last saw my father. My mother has been sort of a frail connection between us but never once he called me or asked me to visit. But when this morning mom called I never thought that I will be seeing my dad.

"Where are you?" I called the first person in my mind who I needed in this condition.

"At the shop? Why?" Aster answered sounding worried.

"Come over, please." I sounded desperate and sad.

"Okay." She simply answered without asking any questions and for that I am grateful.

After fifteen minutes or so she walked in.

"What is wrong Kyler?" Her soothing voice made me choke and tears clouded my vision.

I don't cry but my father has been my weakness for as long as I remember.

"Dad," I whispered.

She sat down on her knees and turned around my chair so that I was facing her now.

Placing her palms on my cheek , she urged me to look up and I did. The concern, the care, the worry in her eyes made me sigh in relief and hope. She was the right person to call.

"My father had a heart attack. I haven't seen him in seven years Aster. What if- if he-something is serious?" I struggled with my emotions and my words.

"Let's go meet him then." She offered softly and I was surprised at her words.

"I can't."

"Yes, you can Kyler. You are angry at him, I understand but are you sure you will get a chance to make up for it, to forgive or to make amends if he was gone." She was right, I knew but I was too stubborn to accept it.

"He hates me." My voice broke.

She pulled me in for a hug and I felt safe, like I was home. She was warm, comforting and supportive and for that moment I felt all the worry fade and I let myself feel her touch, her embrace.

"No one can hate you Kyler. Even a broken person like me came to trust you." She said gently.

And then she pulled away much to my disappointment.

"And it doesn't hurt that you have the good looks."

I had to smile at her effort to make me happy. I was lucky that a person like her was around me. If it wasn't clear enough to my mind, my heart just sent in the signal. I liked Aster , more than I have liked any other girl in my life.

"I will go, on one condition," I said an idea in my mind.

Her eyesbrows raised in a question.

"Come with me." I pleaded and with a small smile she nodded without hesitation.

I felt utterly relieved. I wanted someone there, someone who can handle my pain and my anger.

"Before that, we are buying flowers for your father." She smiled at me like she was proud of me.

"What? No."

"Kyler. For me?" She gave me the doe eye look that melted my heart in a moment.

"Which flower?" I asked sighing in defeat.

I could do anything for her, only she didn't knew it yet.


"And it means what?" I was suspicious now.

"Bond of affection."

This girl saw right through my bull shit. As much as I hated my father, I could never break our bond and she knew that.

"What else?" I asked her softly

"Everlasting beauty." She chuckled.

"Come on then Aster, we are buying those, some for my father and some for you." My pace fastened, feeling braver with her around.

"For me?" She looked truly baffled.

She was no naive in some ways.

"Didn't you said it symbolises everlasting beauty Aster?"

And I felt satisfied as a blush adorned her face.

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