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 Flowers grow out of dark moments. 

h y d r a n g e a

[ s y m b o l i s e s   h e a r t f e l t   e m o t i o n s   g r a t i t u d e   f o r   b e i n g   u n d e r s t o o d  . ]

"Where are we going?" I asked her again but she just gave me a smug smile.

She was wearing a simple peach coloured blouse and a black long skirt. I have been on many dates but not one of those girls were so elegant and simple.

"You are taking revenge , aren't you? For the time, I didn't tell you about my secret places." I kept nagging her.

"Like I said , Kyler, I am not into revenge. But I do want to surprise you."

I wanted to ask her if this was a date but I kept my mouth shut.

"We are here." She announced and we stepped out of the car.

It was a small restaurant but it was....stunning. It was made like a historical monument with pillars on the either side of entrance portico. As we entered the brightly lit up place, I realised it was decorated with aroma candles and landscape paintings.

The restaurant had a floor settings with little wooden tables set in front of each mattress and a brown headrest placed on each mattress. A small iron lantern was placed on the tables and it felt like I walked into an old castle or something.

"This is not lavish but this is my favourite dining place." She gave me a sheepish grin.

"This is wonderful."

My appreciation made her smile at me with gratitude.

"This place was close to my old place and I used to come here a lot. Food is not that expensive here." She giggled like a school girl and I felt myself enjoying it.

"And this is for you." She said shyly finally giving me the bunch she was carrying with her.

I knew it was for me but I waited for the flowers and obvious lesson.

"Are you not going to tell me about the flower?"

"Really Kyler?" She shook her head at me holding back a smile.

"I am a dedicated student Aster," I said with mock sincerity.

"Okay then, I bought them for a reason. These are Hydrangeas and I am giving these to you for gratitude for understanding me and helping me."

Wow, there are flowers for everything. I accepted them happily.

"Now, what are we eating?" She asked cutely putting her palm on either side of her cheeks.

"You tell me, you are a frequent here."

"Therefore, you should choose because you are a first timer."

I looked through the menu and saw many things that I liked.

"I have chosen now let's see if our choices match."

As I looked up, the smile and glow from her face was gone and replaced with a deep frown and uneasiness. I saw the direction of her gaze and saw Brian walk in with Myra, his good friend.

"Don't look at him, don't let him see you are still hurting," I whispered to her and she nodded slowly.

"Am I that bad? Am I that ugly? He could have left me in our three-year relationship but no he had to leave me a day before the wedding. Now for life I will keep wondering, should I ever get married? What if I am left again?" She was sharing her fears with me and I understood the intensity of pain in her eyes.

She was betrayed in love, she was killed before she had a chance to start a new married life.

But this time she didn't cry, she was holding back tear her lips pressed together in a hard line.

I saw that Brian noticed us and his eyes grew wide. He then frowned at me as if he still owned Aster and I was stealing her. I needed to get this misconception off his mind.

"Aster, look at me. I am trying to send out a message." She gave me a confused look at my words.

And then I captured her lips with mine. She went rigid under my touch but I kissed her with all the fervour and forgot why I started this when she kissed me back. It was a hesitant kiss but her lips were undeniably soft and she tasted like something utterly sweet and delicious.

My hands automatically found its way to her waist as I pulled her closer to me. She gasped lightly and we broke the kiss but didn't break the distance. She was flushed and looked really beautiful. Her eyes were filled with surprise, gratitude and a tiny bit of desire.

My lips lifted into a smile and bending closer I whispered , "Brian now knows you deserve so much better than him."

I wanted to kiss her again and again but I already told her I wanted to make a point and this was not me kissing her out of my own will.

Finally, she recovered from surprise and smiled shyly sending a wave of relief through me, "Thank you."

And I noticed Brian Hughes mood take a bad turn as he continuously kept frowning at us. I will make sure Brian will pay for hurting the wonderful girl this much.

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