Sunflower ⚘

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 Flowers whisper "Beauty!" to the world, even as they fade, wilt, fall. 

s u n f l o w e r

s y m b o l i z e s   d e d i c a t i o n  a n d   a d o r a t i o n

Being in the event management business I have organised enough events to know about fairy tales and fairy godmothers. And right now Amelia was playing the fairy godmother and helping me make Aster realise that I was the right man for her.

Her anti-wedding notion had me worried but frankly I could understand. She was left a day before marriage , obviously, that might scare but she had to trust me enough.

But for starters, I had to make her love me. She called me her boyfriend, so liked me well enough but did she love me?

God, it is kind of horror but I was in love with a girl and it was unrequited. It scared me more than it should.

Today's flower suggested by Amelia was a sunflower. It was for adoration and dedication and I was planning to surprise her with it. Not only because I adored her, also because I wanted her to know that I was dedicated.

My cell phone ring interrupted my happy thoughts. Aster's named flashed on screen making me smile even wider.

"I was coming to you," I answered the phone.

"Kyler, this is Amelia, Aster is not here and her phone was lying on the ground. The whole place is a mess." Amelia sounded panicked and her words made me feel the same.

I jerked up from my seat, my heart beat erratic and a billion thoughts running in my mind.

"I am coming."


Aphrodite was trashed and there was a clear sign of struggle. What the hell happened?

I felt like crying and destroying everything around mine. Everything around me was just a constant buzzing and I couldn't even make sense what people were saying or what the police officer was asking.

"When did you last see her?" A man if uniform almost shook me to my sense.

"Three days ago, at family dinner but we texted daily. She texted me last night." I answered knowing full well that in my panic and anger I called them without that 24-hour missing person deadline.

"And she is your girlfriend?" He confirmed and I nodded.

"Any enemies of yours or hers?" He asked and I was getting agitated.

Aster is missing for God know's how long and this man was wasting time.

"Not that I know off. Aster is the sweetest , kindest person alive."

He asked me few more stupid question which I didn't even bother to listen because my mind was drifting off to Aster. He might have noticed because he let me go.

I called her orphanage but she was not there, I called Noah and he said he didn't know either. I called every single person listed in her contacts but it was useless. There were just five people on her list and I was glad Brian was not one of them.

I was suspecting that bastard was behind all this but the next call shattered all the remaining calm in me.

"You know Ky, with a past like yours, you shouldn't have dated the poor girl."


"How is Aster?" I asked through gritted teeth.

"She is alive, for now. A little injured."

"I want to hear her voice," I yelled over the phone not sure if i could hold it any longer.

Daniela laughed evilly.

"You will sweetheart, but first I will offer you a deal." She was behind all this and my mind was not accepting the fact because she was my friend from college time, our family are friends.

"What deal?"

"I can ask my dad to put your dad in jail and you can take Aster away or let Aster go and live happily with your dad. Choose carefully love."

This bitch was psychotic.

"Let me hear her voice," I asked in a cold tone but inside coiled in turmoil.

After some shuffling and rustling sound, I heard her voice.

"Kyler." Her voice was thick with crying but it was not scared like I thought it would be.

"Aster, darling I will come and get you. You don't have to worry. I will never leave you, you know, right?" I tried my best to keep my voice normal.

I didn't want her to know that I was on the verge of crying, on losing the patience. I loved her, the first girl I loved was going through this. But her next words just helped me made my decision.

"Kyler, don't worry about me. You finally made up with your dad, do not send him to jail Kyler, not now when he needs you the most." She choked at the end of her sentence, breaking my hearts into zillion pieces.

I heard a maniacal laughter in the background.

"I got sunflower for you Aster. You know what that means right?" I tried my own way of consoling her, giving her strength.

"That you adore me?" She sniffled between the words and hearing her cry was hurting me to the bones.

"That I am dedicated and I will come and get you."

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As the story is closer to the end, I needed to add some drama XD

You can write down your crazy theories and guesses now people , because the closest or right one will get the dedication. So what will Kyler do?

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