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Greetings my readers.

Few things you should know about the book before you read.

- This is a short story

- I am not biologically aware about the flowers and their temperature of growth so please don't point out that this flower doesn't grow in this country and similar suggestions.

- This will from Kyler's PoV (the guy in the book) except the prologue.

- Please don't criticise my characters, my work you can if you find a fault but not my characters, I love them like my own baby.

- And finally, show all your love.

Now the story:


Broken, that's what I felt when he texted me. He didn't even had the decency to say it to my face, he texted me. My fiancé, Brian Hughes, was my boyfriend for three years before he decided to propose me for marriage.

Two weeks ago suppose to be my marriage, my big wedding day but a day earlier he texted me: I can't do this, not with you.

I can't do this was not enough to break me, it was the 'not with you' part that broke me. My parents already left me when I was a kid; gave me up for adoption. And then my fiancé left me a day before the wedding. And then my boss fired me from the job. Was I born to be left? Was I that bad that no one wanted me?

And yet I smiled, I smiled to hide all the pain. But when I was alone I would cry, silently in the darkness of night, sure that no one can hear or see my pain. My heart ached with loneliness and rejection.

When Brian left me, people thought that somehow it was my fault; somehow I was not good enough. I didn't lose my breath in defending myself. Why? Because people always believe what they want to believe. So I just smiled hiding all the tears behind that smile.

Sometimes I do sit in my room with all our photographs and memories together and wonder: Will I ever love again? Will I ever be mended again?

Or was I meant to live in this broken state? Because right now it hurts, every broken piece in my body is a reminder that I am shattered to pieces.

❄A weed is but an unloved flower. ❄

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