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A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in--what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.

g a r d e n i a

[S y m b o l i s e s  p u r i t y  a n d   s w e e t n e s s.  A l s o  s e c r e t  l o v e]

Third day I walked in the flower shop, I was too tired. With seven days left for the function , I was stressed out and today we also bagged a new event to take care of, a sports themed party. Being the CEO had the advantage of letting my juniors work but being specific about every little thing I was usually involved personally in all the events.

Aster was sitting this time amidst the flowers reading a book. Her eyes travelled through the pages like she was hungrily devouring the words. There was a crease of worry on her forehead as she read through the novel. I walked up and coughed to announce my presence.

She looked up and gave me a weird expression like she didn't expect me to be there.

"I am tired. Can I get a chair or something to sit?"

She nodded and got me a little yellow coloured chair meant for a kindergartener. If my employees saw me here they will laugh for ages.

"What are you reading?" I asked to start a conversation.

"Eragon." She answered now setting aside the book.


She nodded.

"It is better than reality anyway." Her tone was bitter and I knew her reality must not be nice.

I wanted to know her reality though.

"I am here for the lesson."

"I am wondering how long will you keep this up?" She asked it like a challenge.

She expected me to leave and thought that this was all a game.

"Work for my company and I will stop badgering you."

"Why? Why do you need me to work? I do not have any experience. My friend who helped me get a job here is good with all this." She sounded exasperated.

But she didn't know I was the best in my business, convincing people, was what I did.

"Then we will continue with the lessons."

"You are stubborn." She said with a defeated look.

"So I have been told."

"It is not like learning about flowers will help you decorate them, why the lessons?"Her question surprised me.

She was right, why was I here even when I was zombie tired right now. I should be home, resting.

"To see who wins this game."

My answer made her interested, her eyes lit up.

"Game?" she asked.

"Yes, convincing. Let's see if I can convince you to work for me or you can convince me that flowers are not just flowers but a way to express yourself." I reasoned with her.

For a moment, she looked at me, like into my soul seeing how much of it was true.

Truthfully, I know why I was coming here. It was because of her pained filled eyes; they intrigued me and I wanted to remove the pain from them.

Why? I had no idea.

Then she bent down and picked up a flower in front of me.

"Gardenia." She said, "It symbolises sweetness and purity. And-"

She stopped and looked hesitant. The pain was raw in her eyes now like a bad memory pierced her thoughts.

"And, Aster?" I asked calling her by her name.

She looked at me a bit surprised. Inhaling sharply she added to her words, "And secret love."

I just looked at her, to know the reason behind that fathomless sadness.

"That will be all for today." She said quietly and started watering the plants avoiding me.

"I will take these," I asked for a bunch of gardenias.

She didn't ask me for a reason this time so I offered on my own.

"Because in some way it symbolises you."


What? What did he just say?

Is he smitten already XD

But can Aster learn to trust someone so soon?

Let me know what you think, of the characters, about the flowers and of course about the story :)

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