Lilac ⚘

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l i l a c

[ S y m b o l i s e s   h u m i l i t y , c h a r i t y   a n d   f i r s t    l o v e. ]

I was never this happy and nervous at the same time. I have stayed hidden too long and Kyler made it possible for me to step out of my shell. He invited me to meet his family as his girlfriend which was something Brian never did after all those years of relationship we had.

I wore my best dress, a pale pink knee-length one-piece that dad sad made me look sweet. On the way to his house Kyler mostly stared at me and also talked a lot about his family. He told me about the constant gangster companions of his dad and that they were pretty harmless.

"You look incredibly gorgeous." He finally said as we got down from the car and I fidgeted with my dress nervously.

My fingers were clenched together as I recalled my last meeting with his mother. That was not very pleasant but it did make me realise when Kyler came to the orphanage, I liked the guy.

But all my nervousness vanished at his words and his touch as he clutched my hands in his and gave it a reassuring squeeze.  I might not say it out loud since I have been hurt all my life but right Kyler Holt was my pillar of support and held a great importance in my life. I was too scared to give in.


His family was super sweet. I can't believe his family is a part of a gang. The so-called hooligans with his dad were young boys in dire need of love and attention. They pampered me like I was a property to be guarded and protected. I ended up making cookies for them with Kyler's grandma. His father gave me the same look of adoration that my dad gives me.

For the first time in my life I felt at peace, I felt at home.

It made me dream something I have been scared and too hurt to think about since Brian left me; a happy married life. I looked up at Kyler and saw his smiling at me with fondness. Can I take a leap of faith, again?

The guys kept flirting with me, good flirting that made me laugh and blush a lot. Suddenly among all these things happening, Kyler pulled me in a for a passionate kiss. For that moment I forgot that there were other people, that I was supposed to behave and that I was not to get lost in his kiss but I did.

And we broke apart and he gave me a smirk, the hooting in the background made me realise the number of people cheering for me and Kyler. I was even more embarrassed that usual.

"you like them more than me Aster." He said with feigned hurt.

I don't think it is possible for me now to like someone else more than him.

"Well, I like them because they are all related to you," I said truthfully.

"Now you see, you are lovable. Even these hooligans love you." He was proud of me.

And that feeling was just enough to make butterflies flutter inside me.

"All thanks to you." And taking courage I bent closer and lightly pecked his cheeks.

This surprised him at first but then his eyes gave me a look that sent shivers down my spine.

  "I saw you talking to my mother, does she trouble you again?" He asked carefully probably gauging my reaction.

"Nah, she was just grateful that you and Johan are talking again,"  I answered back as calmly as possible.

With a girl with no proper family, I treasured it a lot. I will not be  the reason for the rift between him and his mother. But her words did hit me , hard.

Somehow she always manages to lay out my innermost fears.

"You might misunderstand his helping nature as love. You are just a charity case for him."

His mother said in a serious tone, not harshly but she said it as if it was the fact and I was too blind to see it.

Was it?

  "Well, dad likes to talk more to you than me, so this time thanks to you," Kyler looked happy though.

I can't let some words affect me, cancel out the look of pure adoration he had when he looked at me.

"Am I allowed to drop you home today?" He asked me hopefully.

"For now, we are going to the flower shop."

I needed to ask him something, just for my sake.

"I have a flower for you," I said as I unlocked the door of the flower shop at his hour of the night.

"Lilac." I presented the flower to him.

"What does it mean?"He asked with curiosity.

"It means charity and first love. If you will give this to me why would it be?" I tried hard to let the sadness seep in my words.

I was scared for some reason as I asked the question. I bet he didn't think I was a charity but what was it then? His mother's words echoed in my head.

It took a moment for him to answer but he finally smiled gleefully and said with a soft look in his eyes,  "For first love,"

"For first love," And kissed my forehead.

That kiss just made all the stress and worry vanish from my body and his words hit my soul. 

Did he just say I am his first love?

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Here is the second chapter of Aster' PoV. Her feeling of insecurity, her worries of being rejected and unloved again.

And this also mean legally, THE END.

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